Ovulation tests on urine

Tests for ovulation.  Photo from http://images.google.ru

After ovulation home tests on urine based on the determination it luteinizing hormone (LH). A slight number LH is always present in the urine, but for24-36 hours before ovulation, its concentration increases sharply. Ovulation tests are disposable and reusable.

Disposable tests

Disposable home tests to determine ovulation by urine are very similar to tests for pregnancy, but to use them you need every day throughout the menstrual cycle.

Accuracy tests for ovulation is much higher than the basal body temperature method, but unfortunately this method is more expensive.

Test may be carried out at any time of the day, but at the same time. Prior to the meeting refrain from urinating for at least 4-x hours and drink plenty of fluid (this can lead to a reduction of LH in the urine and decrease the accuracy of the result).

Use ovulation test is very simple. Place the tip of the Test Stripunder a stream of urine for 5 sec. or in urine for 20 seconds.Result can be seen in 3 minutes. You should compare the result of a line of LH in the urine of the control line.

  • If the line is the result paler than the control line, then the LH surge has not happened yet, and testing should be continued daily.
  • If line the result is the same or darker than control line, hence release of the hormone has already occurred, and within 24-36hours you will come ovulation.

Once you have determined that the LH surge has occurred, sexual intercourse in the next 48 hours will give you the best chance of becoming pregnant. Continue further testing is not necessary.

Reusable tests

Reusable tests for ovulation are the portable device, attached to it a certain amount of test strips. They are used in the same way as disposable.

Usually takes a few urine samples per month (10-20). The test strip is inserted into the device and it reads the result on the basis of which the response is displayed (the degree of fertility).Result will appear in every window, regardless of whether the device requested to do today test or not.

The advantage of multiple test is that it shows not only the most fertile (suitable for fertile days), but the days in which conception is possible. For example, a few days before ovulation and after several days.


Home tests to determine the time of ovulation can be used not only for those couples who want a child, but also the fact that while on the contrary protect themselves from pregnancy. At the same sex possible without any contraception in those days, when fertility is low. These sex will not lead to conception.

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