Passports without numbers will not be

Mogilev Regional Court dismissed the complaint of Orthodox believers who want to oblige the police to issue them passports without identification numbers. Believers say that the passports were those numbers are contrary to their religious beliefs.

In five of the Mogilev Regional Court parishioners appealed the decision of the October District Court Mogilev. Believers have argued that the District Court did not address their claim on the merits, and the sentence passed on the instructions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and regulations. Thus, in their view, were violated 11 articles of the Constitution and the four — the Civil Code.

Larissa Panasiuc

"These trials indicate that we have people without rights. Against the Constitution can you go? No! And we have so many articles violated. We are law-abiding, but we ask for one -" The illegal appropriation identification number without the person's consent. Identification number does not contain the name, and the man goes to God with a number, and God does not like that. So, we're going where? Do not go to God. This is a terrible problem, "- said one of the complainant, Larissa Panasiuc.

College Regional Court heard arguments Orthodox and also decided not to meet their complaint. The sentence the judge argued that, according to the decree of the President of the certification of all Belarusian citizens must have a passport. Belarusian legislation does not provide for the issuance of passports without an identification number, it is said in the verdict.

Five elderly parishioners took the verdict with humility, for another, they say, and do not expect. In court, they have come up with another Soviet-style passports.

Reporter: "And how do you live with such a passport? Came you, say, a pension?" ..

Woman: "We still bring home the list, but as there will be further, we do not know."

Woman: "I have here a passport in 1974. Printing It is that I'm a citizen Republic of Belarus. When to go to the polls, then it is possible any document. You understand. "

Woman: "I'm not getting the document with the number, I can not now make a will or guardianship issue. My property over the abyss, because I did not accept the new document."

Fight for a passport without an identification number Mogilev Orthodox believers do not stop. They claim that in Ukraine and Russia have achieved the Orthodox. Dissenters have a passport with the number there is enough to write an application and an alternative document will be given to them. Why not the same in Belarus, believers can not understand.


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