Pavel Sheremet: I would call it a fat black mark Lukashenko

In the Russian NTV channel on Sunday night, in prime time, showed the documentary film "The Godfather." Belarus has blocked the film.

At the same time, Alexander Lukashenko, the exposure and the state television channel Russia Today, which showed a spot called «Hard Luka».

A website provides video and transcript of the story under the title "Europe's last dictator." Interestingly, all this happened before the summit of the heads of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan in Astana.

In the credits to the movie "The Godfather" reported that the film was made a year ago, but the Belarusian security services detained the crew and confiscated the tape. However, "in Minsk there are people who managed to find them in the safe return of NTV and the KGB."

The author as a person who is interviewing, communicating with people in the film — announcer reads the narration. On Monday morning, "The Godfather" has appeared on many sites and see it can be anyone.

Journalist Pavel Sheremet, author of the movies "The Wild Hunt" and "The Wild Hunt. Continued ", co-author of the book" Accidental President ", not so long deprived of Belarusian citizenship, opined:

Pavel Sheremet

"Even I was amazed tone of the program on NTV, selection of facts, the selection of" pictures ". Knowing the rules of decision-making on Russian channels, I rule out that it was an accident, which is explained by the personal attitudes of individual authors of the film to the president of Belarus. Moreover, because in parallel to other Russian channels also came out pretty tough stories about Lukashenka, I see that all of this is reminiscent of the new elements of a coordinated information policy against Lukashenko. "

One of the authors of the film — NTV journalist Alexei Malkov. In August 2009, he was deported from Belarus together with the operator Yuri Babenko. They worked in Minsk, filmed on missing. But for a film crew followed the Belarusian secret services, journalists were taken to the forest, questioned, they took all the tapes, and they themselves sent to Orsha. The official reason — as if they were working without accreditation. The film is full of archival material that audiences have seen in "The Wild Hunt" Pavel Sheremet and "Ordinary President" Yuri Khashchavatski. Khaschevatsky praised the film, calling it, on the one hand, extremely professional, and on the other — pure propaganda. He admitted that he gave part of his materials and his Russian counterpart that Russians are working on that film is much lighter than the Belarusians:

Yuri Khaschevatsky

"This film is much easier to do the Russians, they make a simple story to our young colleagues to" Belsat ", followed immediately chase, come with a search, select the camera. This film was made in calm circumstances with the permission of the higher authorities of Russia. What, in general, is interesting in itself. And do not diminish the importance of this film for us. It is very important. "

Contact one of the main authors of the film failed. Alexei Malkov — personality known in Russian television circles. He received the Medal of Honor in the Kremlin from the hands of then-President Putin. This came after he created movie "The Man with a broom," "terrorist act pre-paid" and "Gangs of Yukos' dedicated Yushchenko Berezovsky and Khodorkovsky. Then he made the film "Who orders the chaos" — about Kasparov.

That means getting out of this film and other sharp materials on Russian channels? Pavel Sheremet, author of the movies "The Wild Hunt", co-author of the book "Accidental President" opined:

"I do not think this is the beginning of the end of the Belarusian president and friendship between Lukashenko and the Kremlin. I would call it a fat black mark. This latest "Chinese warning" the Belarusian president, after which, if he does not do conclusions can be mades some other action. "



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