People are, if you look for them

What is the reason that for 10 years has not found the missing Zavadsky, politicians and Zakharenka Gonchar, businessman Krasousky? With this issue, our correspondent appealed to Grodno.

Man: "And what do you say if you yourself do not know … Everywhere mafia, they have cleaned them and seek no one will. Indeed, it is natural because it is our country so …"

His friend: "I do not know, and close do not know …"

Reporter: "And then?"

Man: "Yes, the Mafia is …"

Guy: "The KGB works well … sorry, no more time, and they do not find …"

Man: "And who knows, they are looking for or not looking for? Maybe someday find …"

Woman: "I do not know."

Reporter: "And you think they are looking for?"

Woman: "Look, but do not find. Cover their tracks and can not find it."

Reporter: "And that was never found?"

Woman: "Probably never be found."

Man: "So it's someone really need to have not found them …"

Man: "I do not know what to say, but it is a matter for law enforcement agencies. Everything depends on them, and from leadership. If they fail, it is necessary to change the management of these structures."

Reporter: "Do you think that find missing more real?"

Man: "I think so. Humans are, if they are looking for. Even in the same programs on TV," Wait for Me ", which my mom watches, people are in many years. Means that we can find."

Man: "You do, of course, I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in politics or per gram. I think it's political problems."

Reporter: "And you all have heard about the missing Zavadskiy Zakharenko, Gonchar, Krasovsky?"

Man: "Yeah, but half an ear. Did not even know who they are …"

Man: "It's hard to say … So, have disappeared, but in other countries too, disappear …"

Reporter: "But we have a small country, a lot of police …"

Man: "Gone, but in his time there, believe me …"

Reporter: "And if that time comes, you know?"

Man: "Everything is back to normal, because our life develops in a spiral. Time will come when all will be known …"

Man: "Yes, we came here with Peter …"

Reporter: "Have you heard that disappeared in Belarus are these people?"

Man: "Have you heard, of course. However, detailed information on this. Here in Russia, too, people are disappearing, even more, and nobody finds it. Enjoying the transmission of" Wait for Me "and rejoice for those who are."

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