People are starting to change genes

People are starting to change genes.

People are starting to change genes.

Experts have found that actually makes reprogram our bodies.
Emissions of particulate matter have already been recognized as a factor in lung cancer, but a new study found that inhaling certain particles can actually reprogram certain genes, resulting in disrupted their development and developing not only cancer, but other diseases.

"In the blood and tissues of patients with cancer were detected genetic changes, accompanied by a chemical process — methylation," said PhD, assistant professor of applied biotechnology Andrea Bakkarelli from the University of Milan. "In the study, we expected to find out whether the methylation caused emissions of particulate matter, which resulted in a change in the DNA of healthy people exposed within production systems."

The study involved 63 healthy men who were working in foundries in Milan, Italy. Blood samples were collected and the DNA in the morning of the first day, and three days later. Comparison samples will allow a significant change in four genes associated with tumor suppressiey.

"The changes appeared after three days of exposure. This suggests that the genetic reprogramming environmental factors do not need much time. This means that the probability is high and rapid development of dangerous and life-threatening diseases, "said Dr. Bakkarelli.

"Since some of the effects of exposure to particulate matter foundry similar to the impact of environmental pollution, our results raise new hypotheses about how the atmospheric impurities affect human health," she added. "DNA methylation is reversible, and some of these processes are currently used as targets for anti-cancer drugs."

Bakkarelli doctor said that the results clearly indicate the possibility of developing techniques for early countermeasures that gene will have to return to the initial level programming, reducing the risk of harm to health.

"We have yet to figure out how to change the programming of the gene are associated with cancer," she said. "It is important to show not only the relationship of emissions and deadly diseases, but also the potential to stop the process."

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