People can be recharged energy from other people

December 9, 2012 18:44

A group of researchers in biology at the University of Bielefeld (Bielefeld, Germany) made a breakthrough, showing that plants can use alternative sources of energy from other plants.

People can be "recharged" energy from other people

Perhaps this discovery will seriously affect the future of bioenergy and, ultimately, provide evidence that people are similarly "charged" energy from other people.

The research team, led by Prof. Dr. Olaf Kruse (Olaf Kruse), first received confirmation that one of the plants — green algae, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii — not only involved in photosynthesis, but also use an alternative energy source to obtain energy from other plants. The results are published this week in the online edition of Nature Communications, which publishes the renowned journal Nature.

Colors for growth requires water and electricity, and people are no different. Our physical body is like a sponge, absorb what is around them. "That's why there are people who feel uncomfortable in certain group conditions when infused energy and emotion," — says psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Bader-Olivia Lee (Olivia Bader-Lee).

Photosynthesis, plants use carbon dioxide, water and light. In a series of experiments, Prof. Dr. Olaf Kruse and his team grew microscopically small green algae, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, and found that these single-celled plants can compensate for the lack of energy, "charged" from plant cellulose neighbors.

The algae secrete enzymes (called enzymes cellulose) for "digestion" of cellulose by breaking it into smaller simple sugars. Then the sugar is transported into cells and converted into a source of energy: algae can continue to grow.

"For the first time such behavior has been confirmed in plants," — says Professor Cruz. — "The fact that algae can digest cellulose, contrary to all existing textbooks. To some extent, what we see — the plants eating plants. " Currently, scientists are searching for the mechanism in other species of algae. Preliminary results show that it exists.

"With the development of energy research in the coming years, we will eventually arrive at a projection of human behavior," — says Bader-Lee. "The human body is very similar to a plant, it attracts the necessary energy to fuel the emotional states, which can significantly enhance the cell, increase the concentration of cortisol and cause cell catabolism, depending on the emotional triggers."

Bader-Lee believes that bioenergy as a branch of science now steadily growing, and that in the near future in the world of plants and animals will be conducted, which show that the metaphysicians who study energy, has long been known: people can heal each other simply through the transfer of energy like plants.

"A person can be charged through and heal other people, animals, or any part of nature. That's why so many people often experience improved mood and energy recovery, when they are close to nature, "- concludes psychologist.

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