«Phalanx» AUSTRALIAN FOR FUTURE PROFITS AWD destroyers in Adelaide

The main part of the combat system for future destroyers Hobart AWD (Air Warfare Destroyer) — close combat system (Close-In-Weapon-System — CIWS) Phalanx — delivered to Adelaide, said in a press release AWD Alliance consortium of 18 April.
System «Phalanx» for future destroyers Hobart and Brisbane have been expelled from the U.S. consortium AWD Alliance, said CEO Rod Ekyud (Rod Equid).
«Phalanx CIWS contain a 20-mm cannon» Gatling «low response time, which will provide destroyers line of defense against anti-ship missiles, coastal or other coastal threats and aircraft at short range,» said Mr. Ekyud.
«The system has the ability to automatically perform tasks that are typically performed by separate systems, including target detection, tracking and destruction.»
«The system consists of six guns spinning shafts with a rate of 4,500 rounds per minute, and radar search and target tracking with integrated electro-optical sensor.»
«System Phalanx CIWS, Mk15 Block 1B, the destroyer AWD integrated into the Aegis combat system and a refreshed version of the systems already in place on missile frigate Adelaide Royal Australian Navy.
«Phalanx» is located in the aft part of the ship in a helicopter hangar overlooking the flight deck.
Phalanx CIWS, issued by the U.S. company Raytheon Missile Systems, was bought by Raytheon Australia on behalf of the consortium AWD Alliance. Contract price of 35 million dollars includes the creation and delivery of weapons systems «Phalanx» for all 3 air defense destroyers.

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