Pope Benedict XVI abdicated because of health problems

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Pope Benedict XVI goes to ostavku because of health problems.
Pope Benedict XVI plans to abdicate. This is reported by Italian media. According to them, the statement about the imminent resignation of 85-year-old pontiff made in Latin during one of the church's activities with the Cardinals in the Vatican. How to inform the agency Ansa, Benedict XVI has decided to abdicate on 28 February. At this step the pope decided because of health problems.
Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi later confirmed this information. According to him, the Pope is going to abdicate February 28 at 20:00 pm local time.
Sam Benedict XVI in the address passed to reporters, said that he had no power to control the Catholic Church. The Pope noted that the decision to abdicate the throne, he took on their own.
Benedict XVI expressed the hope that the Vatican as soon as possible determine a successor.
Late last year, the Pope has been using Twitte. There is no information about his abdication.
The last time the Pope declared their voluntary resignation nearly 500 years ago, in 1415, abdicated from the throne of Gregory XII.
Benedict XVI, in the world, Joseph Alois Ratzinger became the 265th pope April 19, 2005.
According to church rules, the pope has the right to renounce the throne, and this solution does not need anyone's approval. The only condition for the validity resignation is free will prntifika.

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