Power charms

Since ancient times, people believed that the particular way things are made to protect them from harm and misery. Most often served as amulets and jewelery embroidery on clothes.

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The strongest effect has embroidery, especially if it is made with love. Embroidered shapes, patterns, colors. Most often, the hem and collar and sleeves clothes, it was believed that through these places can act most strongly negative energy. For a man so powerful amulet is the same zone, it was believed that it reflects the negative energy. Of stones works best agate, cat's eye and carnelian. Talisman can also serve as consecrated cross amulet or objects, presented with love.

There were personal household items that use only one person, and they also served as amulets. A wooden spoon, which are often decorated with patterns and never gave to others. Comb for combing, too, was mostly made of wood and only one person used it. Charms could serve as earrings, necklaces and rings.

Powerful amulet that can make a mother for her child, it is a rag doll. It to have more energy, a doll made of old clothes parents.

Amulets for home often made from natural materials. Neutralize the negative energy branch of wormwood, juniper, mountain ash berries. Any thing of sloe wood will create an enabling power in the house, and the pine tree contributes to the preservation of health. Steps and shoals in the house was made of maple, this tree is very well protected from the negative energy.

Amulets were figures of animals and birds. They do not only protect the house, but also protect the family. Carpet with a beautiful ornament can accumulate positive energy.
Their wards can not be given, and doge show. It is believed that part of the talisman out of luck.

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