Prirodolyubie. The forest is a temple. Living Earth Vedas

Man was originally endowed with a sense of enthusiasm, wisdom and goodness of the universe. The universe, which is in perpetual kolovraschenii, uncreatable and indestructible. It is valuable and self-sufficient. Nature — is not only forests and lakes, it's a living, the entire Cosmos. This is something that surrounds us, is the primary medium, without which it is full, is not burdened by anything existence, physical and spiritual health of the unthinkable.

From "Night of Svarog"

From Pocono centuries, nature was a living temple for our ancestors. They did Svyatodeystva Rites and in the Holy
Groves and oak .. Slavic Children of the Earth and our strength is hidden in protected thicket, and the age old oak ..

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