Project Serpo: Interstellar delegation

February 13, 2013 3:18

Travel outpost on Serpo actually held?

Travel outpost on Serpo actually held?

Ufologists claim that a group of MJ-12 ("Majestic-12") oversees a total of about 20 carefully classified, the so-called black projects.

Some (such as "Aquarius") aimed at gathering scientific and technical information about flying saucers and other equipment aliens. Others (like "Area 51") allegedly directed, including the creation of hybrid human and aliens. In the 1950s, even though there was a pilot project for developing "trophy" UFO. It was called "Snow Bird" and allegedly was a success. However, even against this background Serpo project looks absolutely fantastic.

For the first time information about the program Serpo, apparently, appeared in 1983, when he called himself a U.S. Air Force Sergeant Richard Doty contacted the journalist Linda Moulton Howe, specializing in the UFO subject and conspiracy theories, and told her a story about a top-secret project. Much later, in 2005, did not wish to advertise themselves individuals contributed UFO group, headed by Victor Martinez, a whole lot of information about the project Serpo. However, with Martinez having unique data unknown preferred only communicate via e-mail.
According went online wealth of information from these mysterious but supposedly very reliable source, Serpo was a joint project of the U.S. government and the friendly humanoid beings with a highly developed world, which is called — Serpo. It is located in Zeta Reticuli (Zeta Nets — the star system in the constellation Grid), remote from our Sun at a distance of about 39 light years. Diplomatic relations with them were allegedly set a few years after their spacecraft crashed in New Mexico in 1947.

According to the project Serpo, which has a second, more rarely used name — "Crystal Knight" —
carefully selected and trained a team of American military personnel of 12 people, including two
the ladies, went on a spaceship of aliens on their home planet, where people are going to spend the long ten years. In reality, humans were there for even a few more — from 1965 to 1978. In return, one of the newcomers, representing the so-called race Grace (gray), remained in the U.S. as a diplomatic representative.

A senior information

Barney and Betty Hill were abducted by a UFO in September 1961

Barney and Betty Hill were abducted by a UFO in September 1961

Sometimes over time around the project there is a lot of rumors, and it starts to seem more mysterious than the original. So, completely forgetting about Sergeant Doty, claim that the first piece of information about the project appeared Serpo November 2, 2005 from an unidentified man, who held a high position in the deep a secret agency of the Ministry of Defense called DIA — US Defence Intelligence Agency. Now this man's resignation. Allegedly known that the leak comes from a group of six people who have worked or continue to serve in the DIA, which suggests: it could even be sanctioned from above …

It is reported that all of the information about the brave American soldiers who agreed to devote many years a mysterious and probably unsafe mission has been completely removed from all kinds of documents, such as passing through the Pentagon and civilian — formally they simply ceased to exist. Originally really supposed to hold 12 envoys on a distant planet for ten years, and then return to Earth. But something went wrong, and the astronauts were returned later, in August 1978 — seven men and one woman. The two decided to stay in the sickle, and another two died: one due to lung disease, and the second — in an accident. All returnees were isolated during the year in a special building, located in Los Alamos, where they were busy preparing reports and were followed. A year later they were given new names and documents, great bonuses and offers to return to military service or retire. Only two of them have decided to pursue a career. By 2002, all were on the Serpo died — perhaps due to high doses of radiation received on a distant planet.

An unusual planet

Conditions on a planet inhabited by a race of grace, or, as they sometimes are called, the Zetas, were very unusual and difficult for humans, for acclimatization took years. People were able to move freely in almost Serpo. The planet has two suns, and humans have been unusually high levels of radiation from them. As for the population which displayed hospitality Serpo, it is 650 thousand. Each team member kept detailed diaries, excerpts of which are also on the Internet. People recorded more than five thousand cassette tapes. When he returned, they were told that the age of civilization on the planet Serpo allegedly about ten thousand years. Perhaps, it is too close to the galactic scale to the age of our civilization — an unlikely coincidence. Team personnel traveled there on a huge alien ship, and it took them about nine months. Back they came back for more sophisticated aircraft, and the way home they took about seven months.

What else?

American engineer Robert Lazar first talked about secret trials that are conducted in the "Area 51"

American engineer Robert Lazar first talked about secret trials that are conducted in the "Area 51"

After the information about the project Serpo appeared on the Internet, from several independent sources have amendments, which often happens in such cases. Like, in the expedition to the distant planet involved, not 12, but only three people, and its result is not entirely successful. In response, other independent researchers have suggested that in fact could be one expedition, and at least two, as the information on the flight to the planet 12 people, very well documented — too complicated for a simple forgery, although this too is not excluded , of course.

What more specialists ufologists say about the project Serpo? For example, the double star system Zeta Nets, which includes the planet Serpo, is really an alien race native to grace. This is confirmed by the stories engineer Robert Lazar and spouses Barney and Betty Hill.

Spouses Hill were abducted by aliens in the countryside of New Hampshire on the night of 19 to 20 September 1961, when driving home to Portsmouth after visiting Niagara Falls. According to the recollections of people around eleven Grace were huge — with a diameter of 80 to 100 meters — a flying saucer. Woke up the husband and wife is 35 kilometers from the place of abduction, while being in your own car. They have long suffered from blackouts, but later under hypnosis Betty remembered the aliens showed her three-dimensional holograms in which, in particular, were able to tell you something about their planet called Serpo.

Robert Lazar — engineer and physicist who claims to have worked with alien technology in the "Area 51" near Groom Lake, Nevada, about 130 kilometers north-west of Las Vegas. Near the "Area 51" are flight test center air bases Nellis and Edwards, known, in particular, the fact that there were tests of the F-117 and B-2 "Spirit", created on stealth technology (to reduce the visibility).

The name "Area 51" is officially used in CIA documents, and around the forbidden territory patrolled by private military company "Vakenhut", which is still in the 1960s, was involved in the protection of the Kennedy Space Center and the Atomic Energy Commission of the United States. Perhaps just for this reason ufologists believe that the seven underground levels "Zone 51" American scientists and engineers are working together with the aliens. Robert Lazar claims that during his work in "Area 51" has repeatedly seen them — aliens from the planet Serpo out Zeta Grid. He saw their flying saucers.

You can mention another interesting fact. UFO researcher Bill Ryan was interviewed several times about the project Serpo. Unusual about them is that Ryan finds some communication project with the Masons, the occult Thule Society and the Nazi Party, even while managing to pragmatic talk about the real value of interstellar diplomacy. However, once he saw a painting called "The planet of two suns", written by the artist Don Dixon (1968-2007 years), and said that she has a wonderful, almost inexplicable similarity to the original photos in the sickle, he saw.


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