Pseudomonas, or more dangerous Mozzarella and treatment in hospitals

Soon society Turin police seized 70,000 packages of mozzarella. The Ministry of Health of Italy turned to Brussels with the requirement to initiate an investigation by the German company. It became clear from the documentation, cheap mozzarella acquired not only supermarkets Turin and other Italian cities. Blue mozzarella imported into France, Slovenia, even Russia and Belarus. Here she was not only in retail, but also in the pizzeria.

Nevertheless, all this time Bavarian manufacturer stopped production of mozzarella, arguing that the harmful substances in the milk is not, and is blue cheese because the local water is safe for health wand. Aimed at the Bavarian company European Commission experts have found out that the reason — in sinyagnoynay palachkapadobnay conditionally pathogenic bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which could really get into the cheese through the water. Cheese Jager as unfit for consumption. The company closed down until the manufacturer can demonstrate that its products meet all sanitary standards.

Bavarian dairy plant Jager sent "blue mozzarella" with the bacterium Pseudomonas to Italy, France, Russia, Belarus.

Average natural environment, which is found in Pseudomonas aeruginosa — nazakamiyalnyh pathogen infections — are medical hospitals and clinics. Nazakamiyalnyya dangerous infections that have a high resistance to a variety of groups of antibiotics. Padhoplivayuchy these infections (drip-by air and through the laundry, dishes and even doorknobs), debilitated patients at risk of dying from an additional infectious disease. For example, pneumonia, against which antibiotics are powerless.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nazakamiyalnyya infections that are difficult to treat, becoming one of the most important medical problems. Every year the world suffer from them 7 million. Approximately 1.7 million is in North America, 5 million — to Europe. If European countries from nazakamiyalnyh infections annually die 50 000 (of which one UK — 5000), the U.S. — 100 000. By the way, this is the fourth-leading cause of death in the number of this country after cardiovascular disease, cancer and stroke.

Every year in Europe from antibiotic-resistant infections nazakamiyalnyh 5 million people suffer

In Belarus and other former Soviet countries do not have the exact statistics lyatalnastsi by nazakamiyalnyh infections, and indeed the only problem is discussed at the level of specialists — for medicine here is funded by the residual principle. It is estimated that such "sick" infections affect at least 1% of the population. All the more urgent problem is to surgical patients. Although the administration of hospitals is watching to the House regularly kvartsavalisya, washed the floor, and visitors wore white robes, rezystentnyya strains continue to form in the hospital under the influence of antibiotics that are used there. In the domestic health care system does not provide for the measures needed to combat nazakamiyalnymi infections, including diagnostics, which in time would allow them to identify pathogens.

Meanwhile at a recent conference on Problems nazakamiyalnyh infections in Portugal called for intensified research to improve patient safety. It was noted that the share of the damage caused in health care accounts for a significant part of the suffering and deaths in Europe as well as in globally.

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