One of the main parts for a promising aviation complex distant Aviation (PAK DA) — a radar system — is already being developed in Russia, said in an interview to RIA Novosti Director General of the Research Institute of Instrument V.V.Tihomirova Yuri whitewashed them.

Earlier, the Ministry of Industry said the contract with the Ministry of Defense of the early financing of the project creation PAK DA. It is planned that the aircraft will enter the state armaments program 2016-2025 period.

«If you realize underneath radar system, in real time, we just consider this proposal,» — said the whitewashed, when asked to RIA Novosti on the participation in the development project PAK DA. «We have completed a preliminary design, the company passed Tupolev, defended it, <..> waiting for the go-ahead and give final TK «- explained the director of NIIP.

Today the fleet distant Air Force RF constitute strategic bombers Tu-160 and Tu-95. According to Air Force Commander Viktor Bondarev, PAK DA will be subsonic and will be able to carry more weapons than the Tu-160.

Scientific Research Institute of Instrument V.V.Tihomirova them — military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, the developer of weapons control systems (VCS) fighter aircraft, one of the main tasks is the oppression of the enemy air defense systems, as well — the developer of anti-aircraft missiles medium range (SAM DM) Army Air Defense, whose task is to protect against air attack. NIIP is the parent company for the creation of electronic embedded system based on active phased arrays for fighter of the 5th generation (PAK FA).

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