Removal of moles and warts


Specialist for permanent scars, as well as moles and warts is called dermatology and beautician. He has to have a medical degree and undergo specialized in dermatology and dermatology and cosmetology. Best of all, if the place where you go over the "skin defect" is a famous institution or beauty salon with a solid reputation.

By the way, the optimal time for such surgery — autumn. In the summer, in the heat, there is a risk of inflammation operated stations. In winter and spring the body is weakened, his immune system is not enough for a quick and quality of healing.

This whining old wounds

What is commonly referred to as a scar, doctors called rumen. The hardest thing to get rid of post-operative and post-traumatic. They can not be removed completely, you can only make them less noticeable.

If the track is very large — it is applied the so-called W-plasty and Z-plasty. The scar is excised and overlaps the adjacent tissues — there is only a thin zigzag line.

Flat scars stand out only because of its whiteness, can be masked by using cosmetic micropigmentation (aka tattoo). In a special show in scar injected dye, the color matching with the skin.

Harder to convex (keloid) scars. Some (most are people with dark skin) have a tendency to form keloids: scars are the result of tiny scratches, and attempts to get rid of them often lead to relapse. In such cases, conventional methods for removing surgical radiotherapy supplemented, as in the case of tumors. Inside the scars are introduced hormones that stop their growth.

From the not very large scars laser or save mechanical grinding. However, because of the high cost, it is used primarily for beautification of the face. Laser employed under general anesthesia for 45-60 minutes grinding tool (in conjunction with the cautery) — under local for 10-20 minutes. But the result, you can not estimate at once: in the first week will have to get rid of the swelling, and finally a healthy look skin get only half a year.

More often dermatokhirurgii faced with surface scars after acne or "windmill". This is the so-called trophic ("yamkoobraznye") scars. They are removed by chemical peeling — special grinding acids. More trouble with deep scars. In such cases it may reach tissue transplantation: remove rumen, and in its place is transplanted piece of healthy skin, usually behind the ear.

There are nizkotravmatichnye ways to get rid of unwanted marks. The bottom of the scar can be "lifted" by inflating it filler (implant). The drug is injected into the deepest part of the scar that he caught up with the surface of the skin. Result instant, but short-lived: the procedure should be repeated in six months or a year. Such operations are commonly used formulations based on hyaluronic acid, which, unlike silicon, perfectly compatible with the skin and do not cause rejection and allergic reactions.

Unwanted marks

Much more difficult to get rid of moles (nevi). Removal of moles should always consult a dermatologist or precede onkodermatologa. After the operation, it is highly desirable to carry out histological examination of tissue removed, as some moles (especially the new use, irregular, painful, growing) can develop into malignant tumors. Besides mole often lies deep in the tissues, and the remote is not fully again can "grow."

Several ways to remove moles: electrocautery, laser surgery, cryosurgery, surgery.

Electrocoagulation — The use of high-frequency current to remove moles. After the effect of current are small and neat scars.

When using Laser thrombosis is the smallest capillaries, which virtually eliminates blood loss. Skin after such an operation quickly recovered, and the cosmetic effect is quite high. However, the laser can be applied not only to cast doubt on the soundness birthmarks. Analysis of the tissue removed in this case is impossible.

Traditional surgical section — One of the most common ways to remove moles, especially flat. However, not only is excised nevi, but also part of the skin around. After the operation will snamat seams and decide what to do with the scar formed.

Cryolysis (Burning of liquid nitrogen) is not the best way to deal with moles. Distribution of cold in the tissues is difficult to control, so it's easy to injure surrounding areas mole. In any case, to decide which method to apply should a specialist.

Wart — body gain

Somewhat easier with papillomas (warts). They can be removed by the same means that the mole. Everyone — its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the traditional surgery in any case leaves mark on the skin. When cryosurgery and laser removal is not always possible to precisely control the depth of the impact on the fabric. Electrocoagulation allows you to control the depth of the impact, but there is the risk of scarring. Therefore, sometimes a combination of several methods.

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