Reporters without Borders are concerned about the persecution of Natalia Radina

The international human rights organization "Reporters without Borders" is concerned about the relentless persecution in Belarus online journalists and Internet users.

"Reporters" note that on July 1st editor of the opposition website Natalia Radin once again (for the last four months) was summoned for questioning. Now the reason for the questioning was the publication of comments by readers of the site under "Harassment in the style of 1937," which dealt with the failure of the war in Afghanistan, the participants receive a commemorative medal from the hands of Alexander Lukashenko.

In a statement, Human Rights Watch said the journalists recalled that in This year, July 1 came into effect a decree of censorship on the Internet.

"Reporters without Borders" stress that "through more frequent interrogations, seizure of journalistic material through legislative initiatives that restrict the free exchange of views on the Internet, Belarusian authorities create more tension in the society. "Belarusian authorities" are trying to tighten control over the internet as to other media it already exists. "

In his statement, "Reporters" and stop at the various measures which the regime is doing to not let possible more Belarusians on independent and opposition websites.

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