Requirements for clothing for preemies

Requirements for clothing for premature babies.  Photo from

In 2003, for the first time have been developed and approved Hygienic requirements for clothing for premature babies:

  • Products for infants, including premature babies, have made only of natural fabrics and paintings. Allowed the use of chemical fibers and filaments only for joints, do not come into contact with baby's skin.
  • Thermoregulation in the body of a premature baby is broken, it requires more security. Therefore, the sliders should have an additional internal lining in feet of natural wool (eg, camel). Friction woolen fibers of the baby's legs — it's a natural reflex zone foot massage, which has notonly warming, but also a tonic and restorative effect.
  • The clothes for premature babies should not be sutures and knots in areas of possible contact with the product head and the body of the child. In areas adjacent to the body, should not be buttons and buttons.
  • And of course, unacceptable manufacturing of products, wear a baby's head.
  • Compliance with the requirements of these rules is mandatory, notonly for producers, but also for all those involved in the realization of children's clothing.

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