After frantic Kali Yuga the world again comes the Golden Age — Satya south. And just as the blooming spring replaces whistling snow winter, and on the Earth all over again. Symbolically four yugas in the Vedas are shown as black swastika inscribed in the red circle. Each segment corresponds to the south of the circle. With a plaintive squeak Swastika Time rotates clockwise around the center, like a dilapidated wheel peasant carts. But, alas, not oily blood and tears Wheel Stories slowly slows down. A cart laden sinners last twitches, starts and stops. Then on Earth disappears …

However, before the onset of Satya Yuga, the Spirit of our earth — his name Sanat Kumara — quickly change the "rules of the game" on the planet. It dramatically reduces the amount of protective layers of ozone in the stratosphere and the mental, and the rigid outer radiation starts now easily reach the surface of the Earth. Rengen radiation, alpha, beta, gamma-rays destroy the large cells of physical bodies of people.

At all times, the wicked and lazy people had and still have a physical body, made of long cell protoplasm. Extra-long cage muscles and internal organs of the body are formed in humans from ugly thoughts, selfish desires, evil deeds of the supply of meat and sex. Space rengen-rays and gamma-rays destroy the physical bodies that have a large number of large cell protoplasm. So stupid and evil people in this time are beginning to experience a lack of energy, suffer from unknown diseases and falling apart before our eyes. Them all the time pulling or sleep, or do tricks.

A righteous and pure of heart, on the contrary, the law of resonance receive additional energy from the short-wave radiation of the planet. They usually sleep less, work harder, always joking and smiling. These are drawn and the people and animals, and flowers. Yes, you probably noticed themselves, my dear readers, that after visiting rengen-cabinet mood you always improving, there are new forces, and some — and new siddhi. That's because the good people of the physical length of the cell body is ten times lower than that of meat-eaters. Small cells are not destroyed by irradiation, on the contrary, the law of resonance, according to the law of similarity absorb the subtle energy in themselves. They have every day space radiation improves health, reduces the need for sleep and food. People who never deceive others that are not for the money, but for conscience working for others, from a thin magnetic wind the last few days suddenly appear following abilities — telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, yasnoslyshenie, levitation, conscious of the outputs of the body and other superhuman powers .

The core of the Earth is also beginning to heat up as the sun, and irradiate astral Pranas all life. Under the influence of the pranic current Earth's core, the molecules of the lower layers of ocean water quickly split, capture free electrons and hot, rise to the surface. This electric water is much faster and better absorbed into living organisms, it is rapidly cleanses the body of accumulated toxins and dirt. So now many people have loose bowels, is faced with poisoning, mutations. Because of the sharp detachment of scale and deposits of the decay products from the walls of blood vessels — the lazy and unfair headache. Ultrafast purification leads to intoxication. Is a rapid natural selection: the evil day by day getting worse and more evil, and the good — all pure and virtuous. Healthy grain rapidly separated from the chaff. Earth raises its temperature to get rid of all the bad and capricious, greedy, dirty, just as his body temperature increases a cold person to get rid of disease-causing viruses. Before the Golden Age on Earth live only the righteous people and the pure of heart.

So, the four yugas make up one big sub — mahayugu. A 1000 mahayug, following each other, form one giant kalpa or "One day of Brahma." At the end of each kalpa appear in the sky 13 suns, they burned down all the worlds, which are then reborn in a new kalpa. Here I want to quietly add that from a materialist point of view, 13 Vedic Sun — is our former homeland — the good old nemesis star with his 12th planet-satellite. It revolves around the sun in a highly elliptical orbit at an angle of 33 degrees to the plane of Earth's orbit. The period of revolution of our love-nemesis around our Svetlyshka — 3600 years. Because of the hard radiation and giant star attraction nemesis on Earth once every three thousand six hundred years rumbling volcanoes and flood, changing the poles and the equator. Continents with a terrible crash fall into the seething abyss, and new mountains and continents emerge from boiling oceans of lava. However, once in 21,000 years wandering star is so close to Earth that incinerates the dust on the surface all the living and the dead. Even saints and good people. Even the righteous does not remain on the surface.

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