Rings nonphysical existence of the human soul and their inhabitants

October 6, 2012 19:15

Rings nonphysical existence of the human soul and their inhabitants

For many years in the Monroe Institute, founder and director was Robert Monroe himself, conducted numerous studies out of body experiences. The experiment involved a carefully selected volunteers, and Monroe himself. Based on the many reports made up the stories of travelers, managed to draw a picture of a world in which the subjects were immersed. In his book "Far Journeys" by Robert Monroe talks about the rings, which are surrounded by our Earth. Rings are not physical existence are energy layers, human souls that is embodied in the earlier physical earthly world. Once we leave the physical body, we come to one of these layers. Several of them:

First, the inner layer (or ring).

Sufficiently clear and distinct. The inhabitants of this layer is repeated physical human life. Apparently, they do not know that it is possible to exist otherwise. When trying to enter into contact with them, or do not respond, or be hostile. They are divided into several types:

"Dreamer": their characteristic vibration and radiation indicate that the land they have a physical body, and they are still alive in the physical sense. They go on like activities in the earth — to give the dream, talk, try to engage in sexual intercourse or just wander aimlessly. Most often they do not even realize that around them a crowd of the same entities as they are. At some point, they're just like "otschelkivayutsya" and disappear — apparently awake.

"Trapped": They are those who have already left his physical body, but have not realized it. They try in vain to continue their earthly existence. They often remain close to your home or loved ones. Often they try to return to his dead body. This happens even after it is buried. This may explain the glow sometimes observed in cemeteries. In this state, the soul can be placed indefinitely as long as it appears at least a glimmer of understanding of what really happened. The number of such souls increases constantly. The reason for that, according to Monroe that value system of the world is focused on the material rather than the spiritual.

"Wild": This group, like the preceding, also did not realize that had already died. They just feel that they have changed. They are of little interest, how and why it happened, they just continue to exist only way they know — in imitation of the material world. Their savagery manifested for example in the random mating, and other such things. And sometimes they can even hang on to the waking man (if he for some reason, "shattered" the mind) — just for fun.

Robert Monroe compares the atmosphere prevailing in the inner rings, with life in the big city. Complete absorption of the material, thus distorting the instinct of survival.

The second layer.

This place looks quite simple and dull. The inhabitants have already realized that died but still do not know (do not remember) what to do next. They just patiently waiting for further developments. They simply get in touch. The number of inhabitants of this layer is not very large, and always the same, because of the upper (outer) layers always does help.

Third layer.

It is the most densely populated place of all. Most likely, it is divided into many sub-rings. The inhabitants are acutely aware that their earthly life is completed and they died. Everyone has their own idea of who they were and where. This explains the existence of clearly demarcated zones. In the center of the ring, presumably, there is a place called the "zero point". It is generated by the two energy fields overlap each other and are equal influence on the surrounding area. This point is similar to the magnetic center of the bar having a plus and a minus. Inside this point dominated force called IPV — the human illusion of space and time. Most of this power is exercised in internal subrings and loses its influence as the distance from the center. On the outskirts of this ring acts as another force, called the ND (non-physical reality). It gradually diminishes and disappears completely in the "zero point".

Fourth layer: those who for the last time.

This layer is populated by those who are preparing to carry out his last incarnation on earth. They almost lost their human form, and instead of gray, emit white light. These creatures do not respond to attempts to make contact, though most likely continue to communicate with their own kind. Their transition into the physical world is very fast, almost instantly. Sparkling glow is a sign that the soul is made out of the last lap. This glow is moving out through the ring and rarely freezes in place. After going outside, the light disappears without a trace.

Of course, this classification is a generalization and a simplified scheme. In reality, the hierarchy and the relationship between the rings is more complicated and its description could make another whole book.

Way down and up again.

Our arrival in the physical world is not an accident. Earthly existence — the most effective school, unique in its kind. Robert Monroe describes how the energy of the soul makes moving around the ring. This movement occurs in two opposite directions — in and out. Stream flowing in, is a clean energy. It occurs where the region ND (non-physical reality) first intersects with the area IVP (human illusion of space and time). Subsequent human incarnations increasingly deepen this flow of IPV. After crossing the "zero point" of the flow rate is much faster and soon coming directly toward Earth. The return trip takes place each in its own way. For some, it is quite straightforward and only takes a few incarnations. But the vast majority of required goals and hundreds of lives.

This process is compared with Robert Monroe of spacecraft motion, which symbolizes the primordial human personality. This ship-personality attracts a field of earthly existence, and he decides to go through it and get the information he needs. But the field is made up of particles, which reduces the build-up speed. As a result of the strong braking performance drops below the escape and the object goes into an elliptical orbit. Once again bypassing apogee orbit and again passing through the field of the material world, the ship acquires more and more new particles, which continue to reduce speed. Perigee drops lower and lower with every new round, the ship drops out of orbit and becomes a part of it. But he needs to leave the field, and for this it is necessary to speed runaway. You must get rid of the particles adhere to the time travel, while maintaining the information collected. At the same time we need to save energy reserve sufficient for the development of speed, which will make a breakthrough and leave orbit. This margin should exceed the original amount of energy to compensate for the increased weight. Finding the solution is complicated by the fact that effective methods of liberation from adhering particles are absent, and route of administration, storage and extraction of energy rather primitive. In light of this process can be very time consuming. Going all the way, and finally returning home from an important and valuable information and experience, you can begin to more serious and deep research.

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