Roubini: the Russian leadership is directing these heinous attacks

Russia does not give us any financial grants, and we do not need them.

This was reported today in the newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia" Chairman of the Board of the Republic Anatoly Rubinov. He published an article entitled "Do not forget that tomorrow begins today", dedicated to the Belarusian-Russian relations.

"Belarus does not ask its ally no subsidies and no preferences. We just believe that the federal state energy prices be the same or, more correctly, equally profitable. That is, we do not ask us to reduce Russian gas prices. We believe that in both countries, they should be equal, "- said A.Rubinov. -" Russia does not give us any financial grants, and we do not need them. But if we have already cast their lot with Russia, we want to have the same economic conditions and trade to both countries. "

"Putin's presidency," the handle "brought Yeltsin, Medvedev also" the handle "led Putin. None of them came to power as a result of previous political activities not captured his authority in open battle with the competition. But, as usual in Russia, as soon as someone sits down in a chair leadership, he immediately turned on full power of administrative resources. And the man whom no one had seen or heard, is rapidly becoming the "leader of the nation." It is true that KGB all of this have been well trained in Soviet times. Yes Soviet people management practices, such as the creation of an all-powerful ruling party, has not weathered out of the heads and today, as in the past, successfully started up in business "- says A.Rubinov.

A.Rubinov also expressed dissatisfaction with the Russian media:

"Incessant gross media attacks on the president, our country, which became "corporate style" Moscow's largest media disturb. This is slander and defamation of Belarusian people, this is unacceptable rudeness, undisguised imperial pressure on a sovereign country. This degree bestsyrymonnastsi and aggressiveness leading Russian politicians, who directs these heinous attacks, cause a much stronger feeling than puzzling. For example, more pragmatic question: should we do to work with the likes of "channels" that are set on the persecution and reproach Nation? .. It is not good enough to achieve when the ghost network policy objectives in the course of embarking a "weapon of mass destruction," as simultaneous gas-television attack. Why deliberately poison the future of our people? Really because of the irresponsible actions of some politicians we come to a new stage of history when Russian and Belarusians will be on opposite sides of the fence? "


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