Russia continues to work on hypersonic weapon

Russia continues to work on hypersonic weapon
Encompassing motivated programm to create hypersonic missiles will be developed by the summer of 2013, said the general director of «Tactical Missiles» Boris Obnosov.
«On the basis of our company is constantly formed a working group in which there are 10 sub-groups on a number of fronts related to the probability of the already in the context of real prototypes. Tasked to create a comprehensive program from motivated by the summer of this year. Very fundamental task, complicated. Its development involved more than 60 leading companies in the country «, — said B.Obnosov» round table. «

According to him, deployed quite a huge amount of provisional measures, conducted a number of research and development work on the strip the Defense Ministry.

«Work hard, calculated on a few steps. Yet the first results are encouraging, «- he singled.

B.Obnosov added that Russian hypersonic technology development time was given quite a lot of attention. «It is necessary to concentrate all the task force, not only money, and design and manufacturing. We will try the puzzle, which is delivered to solve. Summer to try to protect its military industrial commission «- said B.Obnosov.

According to him, in the company comes to an enterprise that has been developing hypersonic technology on «cold.»

«The final results for» cold «nobody forgot. Just passed 22 years, all that has been made previously, and now on the new stage of development. In the past year successfully launched the layout, to prove the merits of hypersonic speeds in the atmosphere, «- said B.Obnosov.

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