Russia gets yars-M by the end of 2013

Russia gets yars-M by the end of 2013

First upgraded intercontinental ballistic
yars-M missile entered service in the Russian Strategic Missile later this year, said the Commander
Missile Forces, Colonel-General Sergei caravan.

Previously to RIA Novosti also reported that the Strategic Missile Forces to apprehend
arming missiles fifth generation yars-M before the end of the current

Loaves declined to comment on any details, including
Technical properties of the rocket.

Available Yars RS-24 (NATO, SS-29) ICBMs are more weighty,
than the Topol-M (SS-27) and can carry up to 10 independently induced warheads.

Earlier, representatives of the Strategic Missile Forces reported that the Topol-M and Yars in
not to distant future will be the base of the terrestrial component of the nuclear triad
The Russian Federation and in 2016 the strategic missile forces of more than 80% will
consist of these missiles.

Loaves also said that divisions in Tatishevo,
near the town of Saratov in the south-west of, at the present time there are 60 missile
Topol-M systems.

Topol-M missiles with combat radius of approximately 11,000 acts
km, virtually immune to at least some of the current and promising missile system
America’s defenses. It is capable of performing unpredictable missile maneuvers
and carries with it the wrong target.

By 2020 in the Strategic Missile Forces, as expected, will be delivered to more than 170 Topol
(Write and repositories silo) 30 as well as the SS-19 and SS-108 systems 24
divided into nine divisions.

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