Russia ranked first in the world in teenage suicide

1,500 children in three years: Russia ranked first in the world in teenage suicide.
In Moscow are investigating the tragedy at the Warsaw highway. The night before, there is a 12 storey residential building jumped teenager. According to preliminary data, the boy decided to commit suicide after a conversation with his father, who was summoned to the school.
A similar incident occurred two days ago in a Moscow Lobnya. It jumped from the roof of high-rise two eighth-grader. As the commissioner to the President for Child Rights Pavel Astakhov, Russia now ranks first in the world in teen suicide. And to solve this problem should be at the state level.

In the windows of the house on the Warsaw highway all night lights were on. Shocked neighbors suicide still can not understand why the 15-year-old decided to jump out of the window. "Calm was passed, hello, I can not say that was aggressive," — says Igor, a neighbor of the victim.
According to one version, the day before his father was summoned to the school teenager and his son accused of stealing a cell phone from her classmates. Home father started talking with his son, who moved into contention. The boy locked himself in his room, climbed up on the window sill and jumped down. But the class teacher said that talking with parents about their son's behavior was just on the phone.
"Dad called me to find out anything about cell phone or camera, and I said that I will take away tomorrow — says social worker Love Chistyakov. — We can now look into this. Naturally, there was some kind of conflict in the family. "
Before committing suicide, the boy left a suicide note. In it, he wrote that he loves all and apologized for his action. In fact of suicide is being inspected.
Over the past two days, this is the third teen suicide in the Moscow region. On the eve of two 14-year-old girl ran from the roof of high-rise buildings in the suburban Lobnya. According to witnesses, one of the girls have had problems in the family. She has repeatedly attempted suicide.
Lisa and Nastya also wrote a note to his mother with declarations of love and asked to remember them. Farewell message they packed into small gift bags. The door to the attic skyscrapers on Tchaikovsky Street was almost always open, getting there was easy.
"I drove to the store with his wife — says a resident Lobnya Nicholas Sukharev. — Came out of the car and started to close the door, I hear — such as cotton. We went to the store, see — two girls lying in the snow for the fence. I began to feel a pulse, had seen before, as do doctors. One girl, who was right, sort of, was still alive, and then — everything. "
The problem of child suicide should be addressed at the state level, said the Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights Pavel Astakhov. "Our school does not help the child cope with the problems today's parents are busy making money, many vulnerable children take their own lives. We have only 16,000 to 48,000 psychologists schools. We do not of conciliation, which must be created. And we have come out on top in the world in teenage suicides, children 15 to 19 years are most often committed suicide in our country. So here and the Health Ministry and the Ministry of Education must come together to create a single comprehensive federal program to prevent child suicide ", — said Astakhov.
The situation with teenage suicide in Russia has more than serious. According to the Ombudsman, in the last 3 years have committed suicide in 1500 children, and failed attempts to commit suicide was 3 times greater. New case on the Warsaw highway joins the black list.

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