Russia under the hammer: The government is preparing for the sale of the main wealth of generations

At a meeting with the group leaders of entrepreneurship in Gorki Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the land in Russia will be privatized. Thus, the solution of the land question to find real traits.
"The land issue is filled edge, some experts say the need for mass privatization of land, some officials say that privatization is possible only after the conversion of its cadastral value. And both positions are valid. I think we should prepare for the privatization of land, "- said Medvedev.
He further explained that for many years said that the earth is the highest value that it can not sell, it is the wealth of generations.

"As a result we have. We often simply the degradation of the land fund and the lack of real opportunities for construction, and including housing, social infrastructure. So we still need to make these decisions, "- quoted Prime Minister RIA Novosti.
Recall that the plan of privatization of state companies has been prepared by the government.
First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov spoke earlier, that this question should not be rushed to avoid the sale of assets at low prices. The government will report on the results of privatization in 2018.
This view is shared by the head of VTB Andrey Kostin, who believes that privatization at any cost is not needed, but the state should reduce the interest in the assets owned by him.

On the subject:

Previously, to get hold of someone else's territory, it was necessary to go to war and the power to seize the land of the enemy. Today, the same objectives are achieved technically and bloodless

In 2006 he was accepted Forestry and Water Code. Recent years, Russia has consistently and systematically carried out tacit legal reform aimed at the removal of the state and society of natural resources for their transfer to private ownership of Russian, foreign and multinational corporations. You can now buy a private property on an unlimited amount of forest land, as well as a river, lake, pond. Mechanisms to ban citizens to stay in the woods, on the collection and harvesting of food and other forest products. Under the new law, citizens have to pay for wood, water, berries, mushrooms, haying and grazing.

Indigenous people are considered as "free app" to the lands on which they live.

Covert privatization of natural resources — surrender of sovereignty, the state deliberately away from the management of natural resources in the country.

Now, under the threat of information security of the country and each of us. The EU has allocated € 2 billion for the creation in Russia of an unconstitutional government — e-government and the transfer of all state departments of our country and the whole of human life in an electronic form by 2015. Citizens converted to electronic population. In the near future masters of electronic systems has officially become multinational corporations, which will be used for identification microchips in humans using health care, pensions, etc.

Analysis of changes in the legislation holds secret lawyer Olga Yakovleva — a member of the Moscow Regional Bar Association, director of the Civil Movement "Land of Russia — property of the people," the chairman of the Union of Orthodox Lawyers.

State, away from the control of vital resources of the country, bring them to foreign owners:

| China bought in Russia 90,000 hectares of land.

| The Swedes bought 300,000 hectares of land, and control a further 500,000 hectares of land.

| Danes bought 121,000 hectares of land.

| Israeli-American capital controls in Russia 60% of all land. Etc. etc.

Generosity Putin

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin during his official visit to China, signed the "documents", according to which the large island in the upper reaches of the Argun River, Tarabarov and part of the Big Ussuri Island near Khabarovsk and Amur channel Kazakevicheva go to China. Only in the region of Khabarovsk, Russia is losing 350 square meters. kilometers of territory.

During his visit to the Far East in 2002 GDP spoke great words: "Do not give in honor of our Russian land …", "territorial disputes with China, we do not exist …". I can believe that Putin has not and never had territorial disputes with China. About us, the Far East, are not. When GDP sly gives China the island to preserve Russian membership of which was to put as much effort and regional authorities, and ordinary priamurtsev, it is a shame for the country. For the country in which the opinion of a single subject of power — the people, the president can not care.

Also very interesting reflection of this event in the media. When, in 2002, Putin's "cool figs" China, the media did not cry about it just lazy. That, they say, what our president — a stronghold of the integrity of the Russian land. Now, the "gesture" of GDP media responded almost complete silence. As if the transfer of Russian land — is the most common and not worth much attention to the event.

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