Russia will build an ark

Russian architects have developed a stand-alone building project "Ark", reports

Construction can provide its residents all the resources in any areas, including seismic and stay afloat when picked up sea levels, according to the materials of architectural studio of Alexander Remizov.

Bioclimatic building with an autonomous life support system, developed as a response to possible climate change on the planet. The project's goal was to create a healthy and comfortable living environment for people.

"Technology bioclimatic building is designed for quick implementation in any situation: land, water, extreme conditions of the south or the north, the removal of life support networks, lack of fuel sources, as well as seismic dangerous zones and the possible flooding in raising the level of the oceans," — said the architect.

According to him, the construction of the building should begin with the installation of the central support (tube) of light structures. In this case, the basis for it can serve as a floating platform. At the bottom of the tube is a power unit, which converts thermal energy into electrical energy, and the top — heat pumps, wind generators and generator tornado.

All utilities are inside the pipe. After its installation, all construction is conducted independently by the energy output — built dome bearing wooden arches, and the height of the ground is 30 meters. Once completed, the building sits on a stretch of 3.2 thousand square meters.

The architect notes that the energy concept of the project was developed by Academician Lev Britvin.

"The building is designed as an integrated energy system with uninterruptible power supply using alternative energy sources" — emphasizes Remizov. In this case, the disposal of waste is also generated heat (or converted into bio-fertilizers). For the inhabitants of the "Ark" provides an opportunity for the arts and sports, recreation, and consumer and health care training. Internet and television will provide the residents of the building of autonomous communication with the outside world.

The materials of the workshop indicated that the project has been developed based on the experience of the "Architecture of catastrophes" of the International Union of Architects. He was nominated for the World Architecture Festival WAF — 2010 and received his third degree on the basis of the First International Festival of innovative technologies in the architecture and construction of a "Green Project — 2010?.

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