Russian orphans want to give to the Caucasian family

Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council found a way to return to the Russian North Caucasus and create jobs there.

The Federation Council (FC) are concerned slip program for the return of the Russian population in the North Caucasus republics. To reverse the trend, the deputy chairman of the Federation Council Alexander Torshin offers transport to the south of orphans from orphanages located in the regions of the Far North and Far East.

The senator believes that there is no need to build new immigrants childcare. Wise to send their children to the family, on which might appear "private children's homes."

— To contract, and the people take little guests with a duty to feed, clothe, shoe. In return, they will receive the appropriate content. I am sure that this would be an effective public-private partnerships, — Alexander Torshin.

The content of one child, who is the state average in the country, "spends a year from 300 thousand to 1 million rubles," the south is much cheaper emphasizes Torshin. In addition, the favorable climate will improve the diet of children from northern orphanage.

— Little man, which was already deprived parental warmth, he is also a warm climate deprived. In North Ossetia, a hand held out — and here's a free fruit — says Torshin.

Living in a family, the children will be brought up "in the best traditions of the Caucasus", know the language and customs of the Mountain in the future positive impact on inter-ethnic relations in the country, said the senator. Moreover, the emergence of private children's homes in the Caucasus region will attract additional funding and will create new jobs out there that are needed.

— Critics say that the Caucasus and so crowded, the work is not enough. But children do not work! And local residents will receive bids caregivers — says Torshin.

He believes that the program would cost charge of the Health Ministry. Senator plans in 2013 to come up with such an initiative in the North Caucasus Federal District envoy in Khloponin to hold a conference on the subject, "to see how the region are ready for it."

Interviewees "Izvestia" experts differed in evaluating the proposal. The main difficulty was called unstable situation in the region.

— In principle, the idea is interesting, its implementation could bring positive results — in the Caucasus children love. But the political situation there is dangerous and can expose children — said "News" head of the Commission on International Relations of the Public Chamber Nikolay Svanidze.

Need to actively attract Russian-speaking people left after the collapse of the USSR in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and other countries, the leader of the movement "Russian" Dmitry Demushkin. According to him, "denude" the Far East and other regions can not under any circumstances.

— Not a good idea, because the Caucasus — a troubled region. There grown men do not want to go, and you want children to carry. Disapprove — said Demushkin.

Press Secretary of the Chechen Republic Alvi Karimov, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council to comment on the proposal rejected "as long as it will not be published."

Press secretary Natalya envoy NCFD Platonov said "News", which is considered one measure as a solution to "not quite right." In the near future, said a representative of the authorized representative, the government can adopt a state program for the development of North Caucasus Federal District, where the complex approach of economic and social development of the region.

— This is what stimulates the flow of people in the region, will allow them to live a normal life, get a job and free time — said Platonov.

She noted that the region is open to discuss all constructive proposals, which operate under the auspices of the embassy of the various discussion platforms.

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