Russians alcoholism develops into an epidemic


Three million Russians suffer from alcoholism, and more than a million of them hide their illness. Such data in anticipation of the next holiday weekend led Moscow chief psychiatrist Eugene Brune. All in all, he said, alcohol abuse and 40% of the population. And let of the people in the big cities there has been a downward trend in the number of alcoholics in general, the situation is still close to a disaster.
In anticipation of the next portion of the output of Ministry of Health chief psychiatrist Eugene Brune released figures that staggering: nearly 40% of Russians are abusing alcohol. Leading the press conference, as if not believing what he heard, he stopped speaking and asked to translate a particular interest in the number of people on the example of Moscow. The answer was the chief psychiatrist — 4000000: so many people in Moscow abuse alcohol.

For confirmation did not have far to go. Just a few hundred meters away from the building, which hosted this press conference, many who want to keep warm in the sun is not only the rays. Do not overdo it, most can not do it. And, then, during the holidays all the services of the city and the area again — in emergency mode.
In the metro, the cottages after kebabs, holidays start games like "who gets stronger." PE occur one after another. Although it all begins, as usual, in a friendly and harmless. While still marked feature: in cities began to drink less. Over 10 years in the same number of alcoholics Moscow decreased by at least 20%. This is not only a high standard of living, but also very busy — many residents of cities simply drink once. Yes, and entertainment in the big cities you can find many.
In the provinces, the situation is only getting worse. No major holiday is complete without these scenes: in a small town in Bashkiria forced residents of flats involved in the rescue of a drunken neighbor who came out to the balcony of the seventh floor, hung on the TV cable and still can not decide what to do next. One thing he knows for sure: pride would not allow someone else to help. When professional rescuers and neighbors can seem to catch him and start to drag on the balcony, the man starts to real battles in the air — just to get away. The man was still alive, but in most cases, these stories end in tragedy.
Only the most approximate estimates, the number of people dying due to drunken accidents, fires, fights, murders, close to a million people annually. That is, with maps of Russia each year due to alcohol disappears so, for example, the city, like Kazan. Doctors call before the holidays to know the measure, and certainly not to attempt the day after the libations to improve your health with new portions.
"Tea can drink in this situation, juice, good broth of dried fruits, juices, mineral water — suggests rehabilitation department head of the National Addiction Research Center of the Russian Federation Minzdravrazvitiya Taras Dudko. — In the end, you can make a cleansing enema. "
Something like fans prepared to go too far with the booze near Moscow government. With the new year alcohol in shops can be bought already from 9 pm to 11 am, and all fall under the ban, even beer.

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