Russians now just … organ donors

The new law "On Health" and Yuyu now completely taken over the Russians.
Nightmare — this is what awaits us all!

Russians now just ...  organ donors

When zakonoprekt seemed at first reading, the entire Duma press flocked to the small room with undisguised amazement DG. All the running around and asking what is wrong. For the first time in history of the Duma and of the ordinary round table came together to lobby zakonoprekt Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, literally spilling confessions that the law meets all the expectations of international humanitarian organizations.

To see the entire humanitarian nightmare expectations in this bill must be translated Aesop monstrous legal structure to the language of normal people.

But the main paradigm is to change the priorities of medical care. Now this is not to save and help in the first place, and free health care, (difficult to guard in the white coat), a free public relations promoting health in tons and gigabytes mukulatury PR bubbles and paid medical services for the remaining money.

Let's start with Section 9 of Art. 2 "medical activity … is an activity on the harvesting of organs and tissues." Quite simply, before establishment of stocking potatoes and other vegetables in the fields, and now "the organs and tissues." The term "blank" and the whole concept of veterinary law is the same farm as the level of its creators. And now, some patients must be vegetables, and other like sheep …

Now, on the quality and features, the level of decision-making and methods of work of physicians, producers, prescribed "For purposes of this Federal Law to healthcare organizations equated individual entrepreneurs engaged in medical activities; …." Lonely PBYUL a market stall on the status now medical organization with all the rights .

Art. 43 paragraph 4 of the growth of a potato as a juvenile or disable for future transplants. The transplantation of organs and (or) tissues is allowed with the informed consent of the recipient, who has reached the age of eighteen, and in the case of a minor or disable recipient — if informed voluntary consent of the parent or other legal representative.

p.5. Reserves the right still alive (at death, in the heat of passion, real estate) "The citizen can orally in the presence of witnesses to express their will and consent of the opposition to the removal of organs and (or) tissues of his body after death.". What about non-citizens — read on …

With adults the situation is slightly better in the case of sudden Events sawn on their bodies, except one — only if you are not close relatives could not respond when there are, but who is going to look for, disagreed, that is agreed to cut the law given by default, and That's disagreement must declare in advance by a notary. "Nag, pardon" paragraph 6 of Article. 43 "In the absence of a competent adult will of the deceased the right to declare its opposition to the removal of organs and (or) tissues of the body of the deceased have a spouse, and in his absence — one of the close relatives" with the children even tougher.

Article 43 § 7 right positions all minors and incapacitated as a source of donor organs by default, and a parent or other legal representative may declare a disagreement, and then orally. What is there ground for abuse Chiefs Custody business, care to imagine scary. Children with the necessary medical data will not come home from school, the most healthy to the universal blood type and a set of medical data punitive guardians will withdraw the order, children from orphanages and shelters will be run and accidentally shot down at night on the road, when care is not working and cut, until warm … And with the already developed regulations on child transpotologii solution in the absence of representatives of the child doctor may decide unilaterally without ascertaining the fact of death. And if you know about the typical situation for Moscow when the call emergency alternating 5 minutes come mortician, but rather — in an hour, it is not difficult to guess at what speed Events in place with the child or incompetent will appear black helicopters traspotologi-PBYUL, LLC "HORNS and hooves "to inject pretending brain death and issue the necessary conclusions, as it is now traded hospital.

The extreme degree of discretionary rules on transpotologii, lack of basic oversight proverbial korruptsionnoemkost public sector, more than 100,000 Americans only, for more than 5 years awaiting transplants, has chosen to donate all that is possible in China, India — Rosiya become a source not only cheap energy. Sawed, pillaged, pilfered all (resource rents, state ownership of the mineral raw materials, metals, oil, gas) Is someone there is the illusion that someone will stop to not work on the very last thing in the country- its people, and especially terrible, will cash in — on our innocent and pure children.

If medicine — the market, the state-watchman, people, source of wealth, and that children live goods. The health of the doctor to think not, because the main purpose of his work, present in the founding documents — profitability and profit at all costs by the people, the more sick and dead-the more money and donor organs for medical mill.

With human blood of mothers and fathers of children nanoinovatsionnaya situation. Now pregnancy as interpreted in Article 34. — A disease (disease — occurs in response to pathogenic factors of disability), which is necessary to suppress and stop all the available medical devices. The husband and father of the now-pathogenic factor. That is why the rights of husband and father, a constitutional category paternity never protected in the Act.

In accordance with Article 26 § 2. Promoting a healthy lifestyle among citizens from childhood provided by public authorities, local governments and health organizations through activities aimed at informing citizens about the risks to their health and create the motivation for healthy living and creating the conditions for a healthy life . That is all the programs seksprosveta colorful, safe gay sex, do not lead to pregnancy, promoting all forms of contraception and sterilization, so carefully run in schools and kindergartens detsih the means foreign companies will now be imposed on our children for money nalogoplatelshekov as the rights of the children, elaborated in Article 50. The rights of minors in the area of health protection

1. In the field of health minors have the right to:

1) the passage of preventive medical examinations, clinical examinations, clinical examination, medical rehabilitation, medical care in the manner established by the authorized federal executive body, and on the conditions determined by state authorities of the Russian Federation …

All relationships of children and doctors will now be possible without parental notification and consideration of their views on the program of debauchery and "health education" Try now the parent to protect the child from such rights …

Moreover, the 15-year-old girl under the Act will have the right to self-abortion, any medical intervention, and the sexual experimentation so earlier.

Now, on the rights of parents. Let's start with the mothers, the law gives them unlimited power to dispose of the unborn child, the right to abort it at least 2 days prior to delivery. And the birth of the Child recognizes the time of its appearance only in the process of birth, another possibility as a caesarean section intentionally not even mentioned. "Article 49.Rozhdenie rebenka.1. The birth of a child is the moment of separation of the fetus from the mother through labor. "

That is extracting even a day before delivery by Caesarean secheniyai private physician at home and harvesting the organs of a living child will not even be seen as a deviation or a crime. The will of the father, paternity, guaranteed by the Constitution nowhere reflected in the law and is not protected.

Section 7 st51. effectively legalize civil marriage, literally "7. A man and a woman who are married, registered in the legislation of the Russian Federation law, and not married, have a right to use assisted reproductive technologies to a joint informed voluntary consent. ".

, and n 8. states: "The transfer of the embryo (s) to a third party — a surrogate mother, who is to bear and give birth to a child with the condition or contract, that the parents of a child born to one or both of a person whose gametes were used for fertilization is possible if the informed consent of the person . "That is not the mother or father, and chelovekolitsa. This article effectively legalize the right to start a family izvraschencheskih Surrogacy children, even same-sex families, giving them the opportunity to record themselves surrogate parents of the child … (DAD AND DAD) a big blow to the legal system, the traditional family, especially on the day of family, love and loyalty probably the history of Russian rights are not yet known. In correlation to with art. 5 paragraph 1 of law sodomites with various forms of schizophrenia on children are magnified

Article 5. Respect for human rights and civil rights in the field of occupational health and safety related to these rights the state guarantees

1. Measures for the protection of public health should be based on the recognition, respect and protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens, including in accordance with the generally recognized principles and norms of international law.

2. The state guarantees citizens protection from all forms of discrimination arising from the presence in them of any disease.

But what is guaranteed to traditional families? They are guaranteed free ethnocide — art. 47, is not natural, but only planned parenthood, interference in family life at any stage for the medical and psychological aspects of family relations, as well as medical and genetic and other consultations. After that will be completely forbidden to have children without IVF specified properties or imposed sterilization

Article 47. Rights of the family in the field of health protection

1. Every citizen has the right to medical consultation without charge on family planning, the availability of socially significant diseases and diseases that pose a danger to others, for medical and psychological aspects of family relations, as well as health and other genetic counseling and testing medical organizations in the public health system in order to prevent possible hereditary and congenital diseases in the offspring.

That's all free guarantee from the state, and the rest — for a price.

Intractable same families as guaranteed by Article 53. Medical sterilization

"1. Medical sterilization as a special intervention to prevent the possibility of reproducing offspring, or as a method of contraception may be made only upon the written request of a citizen over thirty-five years or a citizen who has at least two children, and if the medical evidence and the consent of the citizen — regardless of age and the presence of children.

2. At the request of the legal representative of the adult person declared incompetent in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation, medical sterilization is possible for a court to be taken into account the views of the incapacitated person.

3. The list of medical indications for medical sterilization is determined by the authorized federal executive body. "

That's so easy and simple in a dying country that defeated fascism fully legalized all the principles of Nazi eugenics to destroy families of indigenous people and disabled people.

And the last of the good society poultice humanitarian lobbyists. Now addiction qualifies under the law as a disease, not a crime. That will lead to deskilling and review of all criminal offenses. Addicts now in accordance with Art. 32 will be given palliative care, the opportunity to buy for yourself and friends at any drugstore easy methadone drug to relieve suffering. A narkodillerstvo probably will be one of the types of Medicaid …….

All experimental, totally inhumane, anti-human, and antimoralnye antinravstvennye achievements of some countries in the field of medicine, and now appear in Russia. Does it survive?

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