Russias first bridge for animals appear near Pereslavl

Russia's first ekoduk (bridge for animals) appears near Pereslavl-Zalessky in Yaroslavl region in the reconstruction of the 115-135-km highway M8 "Kholmogory" said Deputy Director of the PKU branch "Central Russia" Anatoly Piasecki at a press conference.

High-speed section of the highway, which is called the M8 motorway, a backup to lessen the existing track, experiencing tremendous pressure — up to 17,000 vehicles per day. The new road will run through the national park "Plescheevo Lake" Pereslavl districts.

According to Piasecki, a site in Pereslavl region — the most in agreement. There are 14 tracks of passing options, and neither is not approved. Local residents have repeatedly opposed the proposed route of passing options.

"But first intervened skiers, because the track was to be held in the town Kasarka where they ski, then vacationers, then St Alexis deserts" — said Piasecki.

One version of the route suggested by its passage about 200-300 meters from the desert that is very excited about its inhabitants — about 500 people, half of them — children. As a result, the project was scrapped.

"In the desert issue resolved — the trail will be a mile away, the swamp" — said Piasecki.

But once dared question the monastery, and the route was made against the national park "Plescheevo lake", despite the fact that the district authorities gave the park land to replace those that will be affected by road.

"National park and MEP today agreed to build a road do not give. Now produced two working groups — on the part of the Federal Road Management and by the Ministry of Environment. Soon they will meet, and they should agree. I have that information," — said Piasecki.

He stressed that, in connection with multiple translations route project has undergone significant cost.

"The limit on the reconstruction is about 9.5 billion rubles. Today, developers will calculate — 12.3 billion rubles. This is mainly due to the fact that the land provided for the passage of the road is not the best — two very serious swamp. To be the construction of about 16 artificial structures — bridges, overpasses, engineering structures to link disparate areas, "- said Piasecki.

"For the first time in the Russian Federation provides for the construction ekoduka zone of the national park," — he added.

Ekoduk — is a bridge for the animals, under which lies the route for road transport.

"It will be created in order for the animal to move from one part of the park to another. This is essentially the same overpass width of about 50 meters, which will be planted vegetation will be restored natural landscape," said Piasecki.

According to him, the length ekoduka will be about one kilometer, and it will not be visible on the terrain, that is, animals will not see it as a big hill.

Ekoduka road builders at construction will be based on the experience of the U.S. and Canada.

According to Piasecki, it is expected that construction of the 115-135-km will start in 2013.

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