SAVE-God or the good-I Give?

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How often do we say the word thanks and almost never reflect on its true meaning? But, as you know, the words — it sounded thought and thought — are material and have such a nature — implemented, even if we do not know anything about it. Laws of the universe has not been canceled, and we can understand or use them, or not knowing, and even worse from ignorance (not wanting to know) how to harm themselves and those around us.

Many people know that words are not only carry the image, but also can act as a transmitter of an action. And our language — or rather RUSSIAN Ruska (from the word RUS) — the whole shape and every word is a certain image or action, embedded in it.

So, what does the word thank you?

A glossary of Dahl: THANKS — adv. reduced. God help us!

THANK words appeared in the Russian language is relatively recent, sometime in the early 20th century. Word THANK YOU, was the result of fusion of two words: Holy BOG — save bog> spasibog> thanks. In Ukrainian — spasibi.

The funny thing is that our ancestors used the word Dyakuyu which now remains in Ukrainian. language. In fact — is the Russian word in Veles book (Chronicle last Russ for 20 000 years before the baptism of Kievan Rus') is mentioned.

And to prove that the word was originally Dyakuyu note, what is the word at the root of many European languages: English. — Thanks, it. — Dankes — this is the absolute identity of Ukrainian. Dyakuyu, BLR. — Dzyak, LTL. — D? Kui, Czech. — D? Kuji, diky, Slovak. -? Akujem, Pol. — Dzi? Kuj?, Dzi? Ki, dzi? Kowa?, Yiddish — adank, Norwegian. — Takk, Danish. — Tak, Icelandic. — Takk, Swede. — Tack.

To tell or not to tell people THANK everyone's business, but still need to know what is the meaning of this word and what message it gives the other person saying it. THANK means — God help us! On the word of people raised the question — from what to save, and for what reason? So, THANK YOU to answer — not for that (that is — I have done nothing wrong to you to save me), or — PLEASE (put better — perhaps — a hundred rubles).

Most interesting is that in Russian, and Ukrainian, and Belarusian, and in the German and the English word, PLEASE pleading. However, in all languages, and the value of acquired response to THANK YOU. What is not enough, if you understand the true meaning of the word THANKS.

In addition, the people composed many proverbs characterizing word thanks with no good side:

• coat of thanks not soshesh
• Thanks to the pocket will not put
• Thank you for a bosom not put
• thanks you do not bring home
• Thanks to the bread does not smear
• Thank you can not eat
• Thanks drips
• coats of thanks not sew
• Thank-you do not feed, not heat
• Thanks for the godfather Pesci went to Moscow
• Thanks for the soldiers he served
• thank you guys for seven years as

As you can see, the word THANKS associate people with something gratuitous, for free. The people will not accept as a thank you THANK YOU!

As the word is used as a THANK words Charm:

"You idiot, moron, stupid" — sounded to us.

We have the answer: THANKS — the Savior God. , The mechanism of protection. After all, we asked not to any god, but to the purest and the truth that is in us, to our inner light that will reflect immediately on our request any interference and encroachment on our integrity.

The result — no one was hurt. Information returned to its creator. We did not set off into mutual insults and preserve human dignity.

Or another example: we openly flattered, sing the praises of an effort to impose a trick, something.

Pronouncing the word THANK YOU, we call its internal counsel and again is a winner. Flattery and praise, without venturing to us, back to the author, and he is trying to stick to leave us this way.

Brought up as people say and say — THANK YOU! THANK word formed from two words GOOD and give-Daru. Uttering the word, you share part of your benefit you personally and for ourselves, nor anyone else return good for good.

No thanks, but THANK YOU! From whom we want to be saved? Of who gives us good? Uttering thanks, we do not really want to escape from good and good for us outgoing! But then the next time you can not get it. And when you want to thank for the service, the right to say — THANK YOU! That is good for good, and good for the good!

Beautiful and ethical word THANK YOU, now you can not always hear in response to the service rendered or good. Forget the language of images themselves and their children do not always learn the rules of good behavior, not to mention the true meaning of a word.

Prior to the 20th century Russian literature was full of words: Thank you, thank you, thank you, benefactors, complacency, Grace, Prosperity …


"- Thank you, sir, backed malenechko your health. (N. Gogol. Overcoat).

In M. Lermontov and other Russian writers find parallel plural thank you.

— Maxim Maximovich, would you like some tea? — I cried out to him through the window. — Thank you, something you do not want. (Lermontov. Maxim Maximovich).

— Oh, thank you, gentlemen! Oh, how you have revived, as you raise me up in an instant. (The Shipping News. Brothers Karamazov). "

Say THANK YOU — means to commend a person, means — to do good. A approval — is a powerful incentive for personal growth.

THANKS — to give the best! Gratitude attracts people's attention. You will be warm and long remember. People are surprised when they are presented with gratitude. They catch myself thinking that they like, they are great, they are joyful!

We deserve thanks, we deserve, that we say — THANK YOU!

Let us always be grateful! We will be grateful for what we have, and we will get more. Let's say THANK YOU for all the good in our lives. If each of us would express their gratitude around him, the others will follow suit!

THANK word — it is a gift, a gift! When we have nothing to give, we always have to thank, and that in itself raises the giver in the eyes of others. And in the future leads to greater generosity. Let's share the joy with others and give them your love, peace, and, of course, thank you!

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