Scam came to light with the financing of the Belarusian freedom fighters

Scam came to light with the financing of the Belarusian "freedom fighters" Photo: pervoistochnik.ruFinancial Investigations Department of the Belarusian State Control Committee received from his Lithuanian colleagues information that accounts for more than four citizens of Belarus in Lithuanian banks regularly transferred large sums of foreign sponsors to "fight against the totalitarian regime of Lukashenka."
Actually, no doubt that the Belarusian opposition fertilize because the cordon was not before. But now become known specific accounts in specific banks.
In these conditions, the Western "sponsors" nothing left to do but to pour buckets of anger at the Lithuanian financial controllers who responded to the request of the Belarusian Financial Investigations Department. So, according to that arrived on the pages of the Western press, the educational events with lopuhnuvshim NATO ally participated even U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, when he came in July in Vilnius. She arranged for a dressing Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite, accusing the Lithuanian authorities to "help the Belarusian authorities in the fight against the democratic forces of the country."

Lithuanian officials were scared to death and rushed to make excuses. Last week, the Ministry of Justice of Lithuania in a non-stop showered statements that "the Belarusian financial controllers they were deceived, without indicating that it is on the accounts of the opposition."
Deputy Minister of Justice of Lithuania Thomas Vaitkevičius the urgently convened press conference, said that the information was provided to Minsk because of "too much trust in the institutions of Belarus." And he assured reporters that will not happen again — legal assistance to Minsk "indefinite" priostanavlena Vilnius.
— We refuse to fulfill requests for legal assistance, until the proper assurance that obtained in the framework of their information will not be used for political purposes — said Vaitkevičius.
About the same, that the Lithuanian banks for a long time been used by Western intelligence agencies "for political purposes" of the struggle with the authorities of Belarus, Deputy Minister did not say a word.
This is understandable: for journalists' sources, the U.S. threatened menacingly Vilnius that the faithful performance of its international obligations in the area of financial control can get it sideways. I mean — will remove Lithuania with contentment, and "understand with irresponsible officials in the Lithuanian government."
Terrified Lithuanian authorities, still, say "Washington Regional Committee," which themselves punish those zealous administrators in their ministries, which "gave information leakage."
Grad angry philippic against Vilnius fray, not only from the pages of the Western media — now goes to Lithuanian officials and the liberal Russian media perturbed by a "betrayal of human rights," one of the NATO countries.
Understand the critics' sudden openness of Vilnius "is possible: from the available information in the relevant services, many of the Russian" opposition "and the fighters' Putinism 'also have a bank account of the Baltic States.
If that will be official confirmation — can and to nail them for tax evasion (as actually happened in Belarus with the owners of secret accounts in Lithuania) and to the fact of "feeding because cordon" public. And this is — image losses and political disadvantages. Therefore pulled away by Russian liberals criticized the Lithuanian authorities.
Hero of the day declared a Mr. Ales Bialiatski, director of Human Rights Center "Viasna", was arrested in Minsk last week. He was also schetik in Lithuanian bank, which accounts for a very large sums that have successfully shot and went to support the "Decembrists" — protestors in Minsk in December last year.
Bialiatski was detained for 10 days before being charged with a criminal case under part 2 of article 243 of the first of the Criminal Code of Belarus ("evasion of taxes, charges on a large scale"). It was initiated at the request of the same Financial Investigations Department of the Belarusian State Control Committee, will receive complete information on the financial activities of Mr. Bialiatski on Lithuanian soil.
The criminal case Bialiatski faces up to seven years in prison, as investigators regarded the money it receives from the Western "donors' personal income.
In the Western media started talking about what Bialiatski is one of the "key figures of the Belarusian human rights movement" and the authorities simply "crack down on opposition known."
According to information received from Minsk Belyatsky really is one of the key figures in the game antilukashenkovskoy West — pass through the huge amounts of money zakordonnyh.
Perhaps Western sponsors forgot to warn the Lithuanian colleagues that that those were silent in a rag of a number of bank accounts in Vilnius. That was why there was all this discomfiture with financial control. Well, good marksman may miss.

Savely Sox

But how many people are coming out in the area did not have the faintest idea? Do they fought for and what they do? It is not entirely clear. One thing that many of them now just need those crowns on the teeth, as the incidents that could harm the health of all the history of the "war" was — though otavlyay!

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