School bags cause diseases in the spine and nervous system


Experts of the Australian Chiropractic Association found that 90% of students could cause serious back injuries due to portfolios that are incorrectly reported

Children and adolescents is facing premature degeneration of the skeletal system, dysfunction of the nervous system, and may even end with a disability.

Blame disproportionately large load on the back of the child. At this age there is a growth and development of the major body systems. The result is the health problem, says expert Billy Chow.

Observations of the 346 students from Adelaide have demonstrated that 90% of them, as they walked to school and properly carrying briefcase, have poor posture. Almost 80% of them just hauled bags and did not use the ergonomic features of portfolios to lessen back. It turned out that the most difficult portfolios just in elementary school students, their bags weigh 17% of the weight of their bodies. 33% of children wearing backpacks too low, and 20% were carrying it on one shoulder.

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