School physics taught the idea of doing work

November 27, 2011 23:30

A former teacher has developed a device that allows control of the model on the computer screen by thought. The device records the maximum concentration and focus of the operator of the brain, which responds and digital model.
In the U.S., a former high school physics teacher has developed a device that allows you to control the simulation model on a computer screen is actually the power of thought. According to the magazine TIME, the instrument registers the maximum concentration and focus of the operator of the brain, which responds and simulated digital model.

Recently, one of the managers at the nuclear power plant in Ontario (OPG) has demonstrated that can give commands to a computer just to open and close the valves on the simulated screen. However, he did not touch the keyboard. When he was mentally focused on opening the valve, the computer model responded to his team.

Thoughts broadcast operator device, registering an increase and decrease in brain activity. The device BodyWave sized iPod attached to the arm and with three sensors that are in contact with the skin, fixes the neurotransmission in the central nervous system. In general, the brain generates four types of waves: delta (usually during sleep), theta (often celebrated in a dormant state during dreams), alpha (awake but relaxed, such as a massage), and finally, the beta wave — a key phase of the thought process, writes TIME.

Measuring the parameters of these waves, BodyWave can determine when the highest concentration, when, respectively, the person is ready to make an important decision.

The technology is complicated, but the application can be terrific. What if you could carry a device which will prompt when the brain is most concentrated, to take immediate decision: when to conclude trading on the Exchange, the kick to a golf or actuated valves for nuclear power plants.

BodyWave used not only for training in nuclear power plants in Ontario, but in NASA, with ongoing research on the application of it in the pilots of supersonic aircraft. Richard Childress Racing Team in the NASCAR series with BodyWave coached concentration. Mechanics have just a second to remove five clip nuts. If there is no discipline, a defeat in the race.

The technology is BodyWave electroencephalography (EEG), the study of brain electrical activity. It is based on the study of bioelectric waves generated by the brain.

BodyWave can be attached to the arm or anywhere on the skin, sensitive to changes in the central nervous system. Sensors monitor the electrical potentials in the brain and transmitted to the central nervous system. The concentration requires a synchronous operation of neurons. This timing gives a special character of the electric wave, the potential could be measured. When attention is scattered, broken timing and nature of the wave changes. BodyWave transmits this change with a simple receiver, connected to the USB-port.

For the most part, we realize when daydreaming or scattered. But not so badly that it can prevent stupid accidents — exit from the band on the road or persons. The promise of technology based on the EEG is that it can alert you of negligence before, than you will understand it. Today BodyWave — the only device to record the EEG, which is simply attached to the skin without connecting wires and sensors to your head, says TIME. But he has a serious drawback: it can transmit data only on a computer monitor. The instrument is not a light or audible indicator that will stop the "master", before he makes any mistake.

Instrument maker Peter Freer working on it. Freer — a former high school teacher, he was 52 years old. He taught physics at schools in North Carolina. In the classroom he observed that many of his students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder do not really have problems with attention. Noting that the student daydreaming, Freer after class asked him to remember what was said in class. Student can tell you the details of a bird outside the window and that was dressed as his neighbor, but there is little I could remember the content of the lesson, except that would say that the alternating current changes direction with a certain regularity. That is, a student is very attentive, but the problem is to keep the attention and arbitrary guide and record at specific sites.

Freer decided that you can develop a software that allows to measure attention in real time. In the 1980-1990-ies NASA and other large organizations have investigated the EEG with special shlemoobraznyh devices with dozens of wires and sensors connected to the head of the subject.

What if a simple appliance could suggest to people in everyday life, when their attention is scattered? Very simple and very interesting idea. Physicist Freer knew that not necessarily have the sensors on the head to measure nerve impulses, leather — excellent conductor of electricity, the sensors on any part of her will record changes in brain activity. In addition to the work of a school teacher, he arranged a martial arts instructor and security guard at a restaurant. Save money, Freer five years ago developed a prototype of its device.

One of the first people interested in its design, was the curator of education at OPG. Regardless of age, plant operators working on the master console, constantly sent for training. Designed with special sensors Friere the operators react to the peak increase in concentration when performing tasks on a computer screen. Shutdown valve is only after reaching the maximum concentration recorded by the beta waves.

Now Freer constructs a device for golfers. The player will wait for the indicator light on the instrument, demonstrating the full concentration before the kick, notes TIME. Another question, would this not be seen as fraud.

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