Schoolchildren and politics


— Mom, it is necessary to sign a paper that you will not mind if I joined the Octobrists.
— What is joy? I'm against it! Why is it you?
— Well, the teacher told us that if someone does not come to school may not come.

From conversations on the street

Gospel aphorism about baby lips that supposedly always tell the truth, it is necessary to specify in each case: the truth of what industry, what age is a child … Unfortunately, it is very difficult to present a statistical study of opinions on the current school social life. In Ukraine, however, once spent … and were amazed: gloomy was the look of the younger generation, a critical and attentive.

On our soil that can not afford — God forbid, also write what they think. It would be the worse collection of fingerprints: prints thoughts. However, to make a presentation, you need to listen to their good-neighborly and accidentally spatkanne descendants. Parental experience suggests that the attentive listener expect interesting surprises.

"I hate Lukashenko" — a sudden loud claims SHKET than his father makes a little scared to look around, but adds: "What he slapped holiday on Monday, and on Saturday — to learn? I'd rather rest on Saturday. " And this feels himself master of his little free time indignant, as if some big guy got in his sandbox. Maybe it should be.

School is often considered a black box, where children's souls go straight into the hands of the parent, and there is an invisible shastsyarni made of them patriots feed grade. Sort of even if 're opposition or a Buddhist, appropriate school education will make your seed from the orthodox "zabelarusa." And nothing could be done — must be "something in the conservatory correct" in the words of Zhvanetskogo. Thus, the first-graders said his father — a conscious enemy of the existing power: "I believe that the national flag is not so bad, and I like the national anthem." When asked if he remembered some other flag, patriot Nawaki shy and does not know what to say …

In fact, with the children going on something complex and interesting. First time in first class they will learn a lot of big things with big letters: Homeland, President, Victory, etc. Homeland stronger family, the President, who "gives" one of the first benefits — for the father. With these weighty tools shkalyanyaty struggling with parental authority. When the mother is mistaken in matters of state, then let them buy ice cream and does not argue with an expert. But the more difficult to learn than the more stringent becomes the teacher, the greater the doubt, that is — in this boring town — living the good truth. Home seems to be better.

The school quickly, unwittingly brings respect for the family as something sustainable. She herself is the first glimmers of cynicism. Probably thorough politicization of consciousness student really begins with the voluntary-coerced "Octobrists." In the days of the USSR mature no hesitation — doubt — the choice in this initiation, no one was, and no one asked for consent.

In these times, when the nation has passed through the experience of choosing to still swims in the ocean in relation to freedom of information, the question is how to persuade young citizens to the formal act of loyalty. And for the first time student is experiencing a pressure from the government (which is still seen from afar except as a police officer). A large, invisible, it scares even teachers who are beginning to put pressure on the small. The result of the first-class state with its head were the main authorities: in the years they are also the first culprits misunderstanding misunderstanding. "Zazhersya president" — complains gourmand on tasteless food in the school restaurant. Not true, of course. A benefit-a "gift" — the truth?

Summer and politics, it seems difficult to reconcile — almost like a genius and crime. But even now, when the influence of the school tsvelny minimized, small sometimes find occasion to reflect on things cosmic and political level. They were all huge hits. "Who lives in that castle? Count? "- It is naive boys were astonished ten years ago, when the bank of the reservoir began to emerge the first luxury buildings. Now go small experienced uncontrollable movies educated; themselves trying to understand: "In my view, the bribes to the authorities here have given more money than the cost the earth" — "No-ee! Exactly the same! "


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