Scientist warns of the danger of invisible comets




Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe (Chandra Wickramasinghe), head of the group of researchers from the University of Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology (CCAB), believes that a giant comet, invisible to astronomers, may be a mortal threat to the Earth.

Perhaps these "stealth-comets", consisting of organic material and reflect so little light that they can not be seen from Earth have quite a big chance to destroy human civilization.

However, NASA, fortunately, there is a new weapon to fight the invisible comets, said Professor Wickramasinghe.

This — infrared telescope WISE (Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer), 500 thousand times more sensitive than its predecessors. WISE is to begin operation in 2008.

At the same time, the expert on near-Earth objects at Liverpool John Moores University (Liverpool John Moores University) Benny Peizerat (Benny Peiser) noted that in the past there is no evidence on the effects of invisible comets on the planet.


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