Scientists have calculated the exact time of the apocalypse

October 12, 2012 21:00

At the very least, scientists have identified as the planet will die — in the asteroid would hit us.

Probable time of doom astronomers believe April 13, 2029, when the asteroid would hit Earth Apofis.Uchenye of State Astronomical Institute. P.Shternberga Moscow State University (MSU) have predicted that in 2029 the planet will face a dangerous asteroid Apophis (Apophis), which can bury humans.

Recently, astronomers have said that the encounter on April 13 at 4:36 am GMT. Energy containing 65,000 atomic bombs asteroid with a mass of 50 million tonnes and a diameter of 320 meters to cross the orbit of the moon and the rush to the Earth with a speed of 45 thousand km / h, says

— It is really dangerous for the Earth, because if an asteroid falls on its surface, from one of its fall release of energy will be, as of the fall of thousands of atomic bombs, — said the head of the laboratory of the Astronomical Institute of Moscow State University, Mikhail Prokhorov.

According to him, April 13, 2029 (the next time the convergence of the Earth with an asteroid) catastrophe, if space boulder falls into the gravitational "keyhole" — a strip of the space of a kilometer wide. Then the force of attraction of the Earth Apophis will deploy in a dangerous direction, and the planet will be literally at gunpoint.

— This asteroid's no stopping because he large, — said Vladimir Alexeyev, head of the Laboratory of the Trinity Institute for Innovation and Fusion Research. — This is very dangerous because it will cover a vast territory, as in Tunguska.

Now scientists are looking for ways to stop the deadly path asteroid. Some propose to set on the surface of Apophis rocket engine, other — drop aggressor frontal impact spacecraft, and others — to undermine the asteroid powerful nuclear charge. Scientists note that the fall of an asteroid falls on a strip of 50 kilometers, which runs through Russia and Central America and the Atlantic. But even if Apophis will fall into the ocean, deep crater is formed at 3 and 8 km in diameter, from which all sides flee tsunami.

In 2020, Apophis plan to send so-called "gravity tractor". It will study the composition and behavior of the cosmic body and try to bend it into orbit, to avoid even the slightest chance of a collision.

Recall the near-Earth asteroid Apophis was discovered in 2004 by scientists at the Observatory in Arizona. It is believed that as a result of encounter with the Earth in 2029 it caused great destruction on thousands of square kilometers, but will not create a long-term global effects. According to NASA, in the case of the falling object in the sea or large lakes is not without vysokorazrushitelnogo tsunami. All the settlements located at a distance of 3-300 km from the explosion, according to the relief of the fall may be destroyed completely.

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