SCO on NATO forces to stop

Hyperactivity shortly by NATO, urges world to remember that this is needed to counterbalance some sprawl. Once upon a time this was a counterweight Organization Warsaw Pact, but understandably ATS in July 1991, legally (and de facto, and that before) ended its existence. The vacuum as it should from the laws of physics, began to fill the newcomer substance. This substance out to be exactly the North Atlantic Union, driven by the United States. Drove by this Union, move, press down under all the new country and came to what I saw in front of him Russian border guards. Some people have even an idea was born about the occurrence of in the military unit with the control center on the documents in Brussels, and almost — in Washington. But the impressive feats of the democratic alliance in the world cooled the ardor of some hot heads in. But the environment of the Russian Federation was frankly not climb off his shirt NATO and from there to threaten his own small cam bolshennomu other. Such example was followed eternally dissatisfied with the Baltic states, there also were ready Nezalezhnosti friends Ukrainians (Ukrainian authorities to be exact), Georgia also wanted to get under the protection of NATO, but the failure of the South Ossetian confused card Saakashvili. Given these numerous NATO disturbances Our homeland has decided to replace the collapsed of the Warsaw contract to do some workable candidate.

The newest company had to enter those countries that have the word NATO does not have a huge sensory recovery, as the Russian Federation itself. Despite the fact that the former fraternal republics not lusted after the resumption of strong brotherhood with Moscow, brand new organization is well-born. In 1996, the five states: Our homeland, China, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan signed a document which was the beginning of the so-called Shanghai Five. With all of this inside the organization immediately allocated two poles generate thoughts. First pole — Our homeland. Moscow insisted that the main objective of the creation of this association is to fight extremism, terrorism and separatism, under which fully able to understand the intervention of the North Atlantic Alliance in the political situation in other countries. Second pole — China. Beijing since the early days of its own role in the Shanghai Five, said the organization sees the future in cramped economic cooperation and integration of the military component takes as honest need for protection from external dangers economic convergence.

It seems that there may be, but the Shanghai Five in time transformed into the Shanghai Cooperation companies, taking into its ranks sixth member — Uzbekistan. Someone once said that the SCO itself doomed to failure because of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan are far from being able to solve in a fruitful manner both military and economic prepyadstviya, being in this kind of association. But supporters of the SCO here gave an example of NATO, which manage to coexist Greece and Turkey, giving to understand that the SCO was created in a certain degree the image and likeness of the North Atlantic Alliance and once in opposition to it.

In 2011, the SCO has celebrated its 10th anniversary, and the Shanghai Five, the SCO has grown out of that — 15 years. During this period, there were countries that have received the status of dialogue partners (Sri Lanka and Belarus), and observer states. At the SCO observer states to the brakes more. These now include Iran, Pakistan, India and Mongolia. Little list of what is called, nothing for yourself! At the mere gaze at these observers in NATO, in all probability, nervously smoking and flick ash anywhere. At the same time, to nedavneshnego nervously smoking Anders Fogh Rasmussen and his colleagues in the House of Snow White made except perhaps Iran, in the light of events nedavneshnih besides Pakistan with its existing nuclear weapon and dramatically manifested hostility to NATO for the Western "partners" adds speaking, diplomatic language concerns.
With all of this incident with the air strike in Pakistan's roadblocks can be costly not only the United States, and throughout the Alliance. In addition, Barack Obama has decided not to ask for forgiveness for the actual killing 24 Pakistani soldiers.

It turns out that the mere providence bestows SCO itself as an ally Islamabad. Maybe that day is not far when the Shanghai Cooperation Organization will expand its entry into Pakistan. And if it happens, the situation between NATO and the SCO for the first time in history that can heat up to maximum. Already at this point, you can read about that in such a case, the SCO will be announced by the West as a threat to smooth the entire democratic world, with even more than the once listed as the Warsaw contract.

Naturally, the current SCO cooperation Iran and Pakistan may look pretty clear, but there is a question of combating the expansion of NATO. And here it is necessary to make an informed choice comes to the table with NATO and receive all the legal guarantees of the upcoming "proliferation" of the block, or feel free to take in the numbers of Pakistan and Iran, enveloping the eye of the West the Chinese principle of economic cooperation.

And if we assume that the SCO will also India, the organization reincarnated as a real giant, which will be able to solve at least some of the problem in any region of the world from the standpoint of how the money stock, and from a position of strength.

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