Secret files. Levitation. Subtle world

November 19, 2011 22:40


Subtle world is revealed to the person who released from the body, according to the degree of expansion of his consciousness and preparedness to stay aboveground. All generalities relative. All individual experiences are different for each spirit. All radiation is seen through his own aura and painted it. The wider consciousness, the richer and truer perception. Need a complete detachment from all earthly things, and complete emancipation of the habits of the earth and gravity, to take more or less true. And the fact that there are completely unavailable and impossible for some, easy to reach others. Despite numerous cases of levitation, it is perceived as a miracle or at best as a mysterious phenomenon, which borders on the fantastic and contrary to scientific laws.

This estimate does not change as long as it finds the answer to the main question: what is the nature of the force that raises man up in the air? Whether it occurs in the body due to some internal resources mobilization, its unknown, hidden features, or its source is outside man and he just "connected" to him? Ability to communicate with disembodied entities from the Subtle world, inaccessible to our five senses, at first glance it seems a mystical fantasy. But experience shows that this is quite real!

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