Secret heritage of their ancestors: dolls, cast out evil

Dolls - lore.  Photo:

Dolls — lore. Photo:

Modern medicine has a lot, but, alas, not all. Why does not hurt to remember the old ways of protection from ailments that were in use in our ancestors — protecting them from disease. To some this may seem frivolous, but you see, our ancestors were healthier this generation.

Every work requires love

In Russia, has long made doll charms. And each doll was his destiny and his own name. Make "doll health" and everyone can, the main thing — do it with love and a belief that it will certainly help.


Potbelly-healer — an ancient talisman for health. She and protector from evil spirits of disease, and a good vrachevatelnitsa. This doll fragrant herbs — St. John's wort, yarrow, mint, oregano or needles. It hung in the house over the cradle of the child and put the bed patient.
Head herbalist — twisted piece of linen or cotton, wool within which, and the body — a bag of the same fabric with dried herbs. It also hands tied two small bag of grass. Doll dress up, and when he first brought into the house, where it will be "live" in the hands mauled to herbal spirit drove the spirits of disease. Two years later, the grass should be replaced.



Another well-known amulet — or thirteen sisters Tryasovitsy pupae-Lihodeek (Lihomanok), representing the spirits of disease. Their names — Tryaseya, fingerprint, staring, Avvareusha, Puhleya, yellowing, aging, Karkusha, Nemea, Aveya, Gluheya, Hrapusha and sister Kumoha. Sisters bunch hung on the wall. It was thought that, seeing the home of a mini-double, the disease would fill a doll, not a person.
Lihodeyku do is very simple — this two twisted strips of fabric (torso and arms) to lay down a cross and wrap thread so as to obtain a figure with outstretched arms. The material should be natural (cotton or linen), and the new tissue will not do this — it is better to take the scraps of old clothes or used bed linen. In addition, it should be "happy" textiles, ie, the one that you were not at the time of stress or conflict.
For making puppets is preferable to use the traditional colors — red, symbolizing life, and white represents purity and order.


Protects the health (both physical and mental) Ward of birch, placed in the bedroom. Ward is a very simple. We need to take a few small birch twigs, each of them to decorate with ribbons and collect them in a bunch. Tied with a white ribbon, it will contribute to the health of children, red — the health of the spouses, parents, and brownish yellow — relatives of the older generation of grandparents.


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