Secret properties of water

December 13, 2012 3:27

Secret properties of waterEugène Scribe, the famous French playwright XVIII-XIX centuries., Whose plays are successfully today, showed the famous "glass of water", the water is likely to have an extraordinary effect on people's lives and world history. I want to show you that a glass of water can have a miraculous effect on your health.

What was not treated people. But before taking the "armor" pills and stuff, try the most simple and true — what nature gives us. What is this? Plain water. This method is based on the belief in the ancient mystical properties of water. Believe esoteric, one of the four natural elements can well perceive and store information and energy.

Fall, winter — it's time to think about how to protect yourself from colds, depression, angina. Advertising encourages more and more drugs, and I recommend — a glass of plain water. Not a panacea for all ills, but it is very healing liquid.

Cold. Hit by a fever, nose is stuffed up short, you are perfectly parted. Hey buy antibiotics. Any chemistry has on the body double effect — heals and cripples. Shorter course of antibiotics completely fails. Use a harmless method: drink 5-6 cups in a row of hot water, as the insulated. Feel like a dry sauna room — a good propoteete. And so a few times. He who believes and acts, so can get rid of a bad cold, even just for a day — at most three days. Throat — feel free to use the same means. Rinse hot water without any additives you faster "wash" the infection.

Depression. Water can improve not only the physical, but also your mental state. Hot water — helps to quickly remove the mental stress. And this is done is as simple as hold hands under the faucet. Feel the warm stream gradually you soothe, relieve emotional stress. Remember the mystical characteristics of water: it absorbs all the information and energy. So it is good to do every day, coming home from work. Or during the work day, if there were meetings with the scandalous, nervous people. If you need to get rid of overstimulation, depression — stand under a hot shower. Enough, however, even the washing of hands — is the most receptive place in our body. Not all doctors accidentally psychics always after each wash their hands. Not because they are afraid to get dirty on the patient, but because their hands on "sticks" a stranger, and not always beneficial, biological energy. It is for this reason that psychics are advised to return home, always wash your hands — to get rid of foreign influence bioenergy.

Prevention of any disease. If you feel the inner strength, you can try to charge water for its healing bioenergy. The best water for this — spring, but it will and common, tap. Make sure that the cup more untouched. Put it in front of him. Focus, believe that water accumulates medicinal properties, then you can say a prayer, to baptize cup if believe. In this way, the water charge and conjures grandmother and recognized psychics. One condition: the charged water can carry on running water. Drink charged water and be healthy.

Joint diseases. Their psychics and healers recommend using ordinary mineral water. It acts as a lubricant, because if the joints are dehydrated, they hurt to bend. Must have at least 2 liters of water daily to your joints can move freely.

Cleansing the gastrointestinal tract. I'll tell you about a very simple but extremely effective recipe. Its effectiveness can be easily understood by an example. Every housewife knows that wash the dishes faster and cleaner all the hot water. Like dishes, dirty digestive tract of the body. All sorts of deposits of fat layers — both of them clean? They simply need to be periodically washed away. To do this, make it a rule in the morning on an empty stomach to drink a glass of hot water. This is the council of Indian yogis. People familiar with this recipe convinced: a regular procedure invigorates, refreshes and gives a great feeling.

In no time at all narrated recipes have a very important advantage — they are completely harmless.

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