Secrets of Levitation

November 15, 2011 0:45

Secrets of LevitationIn London recently, a large gathering of people has played one of the miracles related to the phenomenon of levitation. British magician and illusionist Stephen Frayne, comparable in popularity to his American counterpart, David Copperfield, walk on the surface of the water without any special tools to nogah.Istselyaya prayer seriously ill, often losing weight, floating in the air is one of the most venerated Russian saints — Seraphim Sarov

The show took place at a large gathering of people in the Thames opposite the House of Commons and House of Lords. Stunned spectators standing on the bridge of Westminster Bridge, watched as the 28-year-old Frayne could reach without even getting your feet wet, right up to the middle of the river, and then sat in a police boat, which ensures the safety of the event.

According trick Frain recreated scene from the Bible, in which Jesus performed the miracle, passing over the surface of the Sea of Galilee.

It should be noted that the "focus" to the levitation can play not everyone even superprofessionalny illusionist, from which it can be at first sight paradoxical conclusion and focus it at all?
For example, last year, in honor of the 200th anniversary of his native country, Chilean twins Nicolas Louisette and John Paul Olberri that have long become famous in his homeland as talented and original magicians countrymen again plunged into shock, setting the world record in Santiago levitation.

Fantastic view so shocked residents of the Chilean capital, which in the central streets of the city, literally within hours had paralyzed the movement. A look at what really was.

Brothers hovered in the air at a height of 7 meters above the ground, with a single point of support for them was standing upright pillars which levitating magicians sometimes barely touching fingers.

Standing in this position for 200 minutes, the brothers thus established a long-awaited record.

In 2009, a similar unique action could see people Peruvian capital. In the central square of Lima hovering above the ground showed a graduate of the local school of Fine Arts, Claudia Pacheco, who calls herself "Princess of the Inca."

Quite regularly flies through the air without any kind of improvised means Zambian magician and sorcerer Sviby Kalas. True, the flights — it is not a static hang, so sometimes we have Sviby happen "misfire." So, one day, he fell in the central park of the Zambian capital of Lusaka Barlstoun and bruises and got a slight concussion in the Lusaka clinic "Mother."

Police Lusaka after it is officially confirmed that Kalas Sviby really fell from the sky in Central Park, and then sent a request to the north of Zambia in the village of Chiba, where he lived a wizard, where reported that local residents saw the sorcerer in his own home for three hours before fall in capital park. But the village is far from Lusaka for a thousand miles!

Historical chronicles

Various encyclopedias give this phenomenon the following definition: "The rise in the air without the use of the mechanisms of the body." However, a person's ability to levitate science is not recognized. Although examples of this — hundreds, if not thousands! With alleged paranormal investigators, for our ancestors levitation no idea of something supernatural and was available not only to outstanding people, but many of the mortals.

There are a myriad of links to levitate in religious sources. For example, in the book "Levitation", written by Olivier Leroux, describes the 230 Catholic saints, which were attributed to this ability. These include Ignatius of Loyola, who raised her in a meditation about 30 centimeters above the ground, the holy Lidzhori Adolphus, who took to the air in front of his congregation in the church. John in Foge in 1777, as well as the famous Carmelite sister Mary.

In the garden of his monastery in Bethlehem, she sometimes flew to the top of the trees. Rising, she held on to a tree branch. In all such cases, people take to the air, in a state of religious ecstasy.
"Lives of the Saints" report about flying over the river Volkhov the Archbishop of Novgorod. Healing prayer seriously ill, often losing weight, floating in the air is one of the most venerated Russian saints — St. Seraphim of Sarov.

Historical records indicate that the common people rose relatively low — between 10 and 50 centimeters, at least — to five feet in extreme cases — 2 to 3 meters. Duration of the "Flight" also varies. But more often it does not exceed a few seconds, though some gifted levitators could stay in the air for a few minutes.

And, no matter how many people or in the air, it is not crabs, and he landed in the same place where took off. Interestingly, when you try to check levitators, hung at a height of about one meter, in its place, two people are powerless. The reaction of the body hung man in this case resemble those of an inflated chamber to the surface.

The legendary Joan of Arc, a child sometimes voluntarily flew up in front of her friends. When she grew up, many people began to pay attention to an unusually smooth and easy gait girl, though she did not go on the ground and hovered over her.

"When he was hanging above us, I could put her arms his legs"

Amazing evidence of a case of levitation left French scientist-explorer and writer Louis Jacolliot that in the second half of the XIX century, traveled through India. He once asked an acquaintance fakir Kovindasami take off.
"After taking a walking stick, which I had brought from Ceylon — wrote Jacolliot — fakir leaned on her palm of one hand, and, lowering his eyes, began to pronounce the magic spell. Continuing to rely on a cane in one hand, Kovindasami gradually rose into the air about two feet off the ground, his arms crossed on foot custom, and remained in that position for more than twenty minutes, during which I tried in vain began to think about how to be violated all known laws .

A few days later a fakir, saying goodbye to me, and stopped at the door, his arms folded, gradually rose to a height of twenty-five to thirty centimeters. I could not determine exactly this height because behind the fakir was silk draperies adorned with colored stripes, and I noticed that his feet were at the sixth band. Seeing him up, I immediately took out his timepiece: it was in the air for five minutes. "

As Kovindasami and other fakirs that demonstrated Jacolliot phenomenon of levitation, not only could not give him a reasonable explanation of his amazing talent, but also refused to describe their feelings.

Most famous levitators was certainly Scottish medium Daniel Douglas Hume. He twice visited Russia, and in 1872 gave a few sessions in the presence of St. Petersburg University professor Butlerov and Wagner. Eyewitnesses have recorded at least one hundred cases of lifting it into the air. A December 16, 1868 Hume, who apparently was in a trance, walked out of a window, and then flew to the other, and all this at a height of more than twenty feet above the ground.

Speeches of Daniel Hume made the audience a deep impression. The famous poet Alexei Tolstoy described them as something extraordinary. He, in particular, wrote: "Hume took off. When he was hanging over us, I could clasp her arms around his legs. "

Hume himself said: "As a rule, I was raised up perpendicular. Hands often, I feel as if constrained, they pulled up over my head as if I was trying to capture that invisible force that slowly lifts me off the floor. "

Later, on the same occasion, Hume wrote: "During these picked up my feet as if filled with electricity. Hands supporting me, I felt. No fear was not aware, though, and understood that a fall from the ceiling, I would have been in danger. The ceiling I could be 4-5 minutes. Only once has this happened in broad daylight, and the remaining cases are being accomplished by the light of gas jets "…

VIDEO in the winter woods

Nature levitation still not clear. Some explain it by the ability of some people in some way to reduce the weight of his own body to microscopic quantities. Others — the presence in the human body some "lift force" that come into play at a certain psycho-physical state resembling trance, cause at Indian yoga.

Buddhists and Taoists believe that people who are well have improved in their practice, open meridians and channels they can hover and fly.

Many religions speak of reincarnation, and possibly the ability to soar due brought by the ability of a past life. However, to justify, and even more to prove a point so far no one has.

Professor Eric Bergolts from the U.S. convinced that the modern human race — the descendants of aliens, and that people have inherited from them the opportunity to overcome the shackles of gravity. Main wake genetic memory, and then levitate will not seem anything out of the ordinary, then each of us can easily get in the air and make his childhood dream: to fly not only in dreams, but in reality!

How, for example, it makes a girl from the video "Flying girl in Russian forest", laid out recently by Youtube user Jevgenij2000.

"I filmed during a walk with my dog. I can not explain what happened there, "- wrote in" soprovodilovke "to the clip, which lasts only 44 seconds, Jevgenij.

Video initially shows playing in the winter woods dog named Tarzan's movie. When the camera goes behind her right on the screen in a forest glade appears floating in the air at a height of 2.5-3 meters horizontally girl of seven or eight. On the ground, the little girl is watching a woman.

Hearing dogs barking and saw the video camera aimed at her, the girl quickly dropped to the ground, took the woman's hand and quickly disappeared into the trees.


Going back to where we started — to "walk on water", not to mention our compatriot Valery Kotlyarova Nizhnedevitsk of that in the Voronezh region.

"One was floating down the river — says Valery, — stopped, stood up in the water, his feet do not reach the bottom, but not the tone …"

Kotlyarov and then realized that he could do what others can not. He started training to walk in the water, and soon it became a wonderful turn out. Since then, his signature trick is: immersed in water up to his waist, up to his chest, he goes in the water without touching it with your hands!

"I'm a man-float — jokes Kotlyarov. — In water, not drowning. Only when it tried 10-pound dumbbell hang on the neck, slowly sank. And though how many will go on the water!

His first "show" a former turner, and now retired Valery Kotlyarov showed residents back in 1995, when the country celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Great Victory. Gathered on the waterfront, viewers saw pictures shown initially fantastic. On the water, leaning on a belt, or walked, or swam, working just down, man. Thus Kotlyarov overcame 1418 meters — the number of days during which the war continued. After miracle watched the whole Nizhnedevitsk — youth admired cheerful old man and old woman desperately baptized.

On the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Kursk, he walked on the water 15 kilometers, and then just stood in the water about half an hour! In the anniversary year of the Battle of Stalingrad in the reservoir Nizhnedevitsk Kotlyarov took on water four and a half kilometers from the beach to fill ten times with a banner in the hands of the "Stalingrad — 60."

"The body — vertically water, and I'm very down to move fast, as if non-existent bike pedal twist — shares his secrets with numerous journalists Valery. — I like to walk on the river at dawn. However, sometimes visiting fishermen throw bottles at me — they think I'm a ghost! "

Meanwhile, the world is gaining popularity quite incredible views running on water — water mountaineering (climbing water). Enthusiasts scatter on the beach and go on their way through the water, trying to stay as long as possible on the surface. Their technique is similar to how the water jump "pancakes" — specially abandoned flat stones.
Modern human race — the descendants of aliens, and that people have inherited from them the opportunity to overcome the shackles of gravity

Water mountaineering champions Sebastian Vanderverf Miguel Delfortri and Ulf Gartner from Portugal claim that this type of racing was known in ancient Greece, and they only revived it at a new level.

According to them, jogging shoes with soles need of high-quality rubber, smooth descent to the lake as possible and cold water. "All you need — this is as much as possible to take a run on the bank, and to continue its run on a certain trajectory, putting your foot completely on the surface of the water," — said the Portuguese.

This way of running is achieved only by long training, but nevertheless allows to run more than a dozen meters before the speed of the "water climber" has dropped and it is submerged in water.

As it happens, it is seen from a unique video, which looked on the Internet for millions of people.

Runners on the water say their race — is an extension of the human mind. What they are doing is still thought to be impossible, but you have to believe in themselves and make their first steps — in the water …

Gennady Fedotov

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