Secrets of the ancient medicine men

October 30, 2011 23:25

Secrets of the ancient medicine men

Human sexual performance largely depend on them to take the food. Hungry man, like a man tired, not to love. Nor would people think of love, having eaten so that "and breathe hard." The diet should always observe the golden mean — there is only a measure of what you like, learn to cook delicious foods that are always at hand.

Any dish can be made, if desired, in an erotic, you only add to it as a spice plants such as celery root, leaves and flowers of verbena, evening primrose, clover, basil, fennel. Most men love hot spices to the first and second courses. So why not add to food cinnamon, cardamom, black or red pepper, cloves. These small additions significantly enhance male sexual performance. But all is good in moderation.

For centuries it was thought out and prepared countless meals to draw like the man or woman. Sorcerers and healers, herbalists and doctors at all times engaged in this issue and succeeded to a greater or lesser degree.

Many herbs and plants contain a composition of matter having the activity of the female sex hormones. These substances can be found in soybeans, apples, pomegranate seeds, and other vegetables and fruits. If older women frequently consume these products, the menopause is later than usual.

In Ancient Egypt, the priests drew attention to the ability of the mandrake root enhance male potency. This root is applied and used in many magical potions and "prisushkah." It happens not only because he looks like a man with her legs spread, but also because it is found to chemicals that increase the potency.

Found in many plants such substances. So, from the vomiting nut extract strongest poison — strychnine. Scientists have found that at very low doses strychnine improves overall health and increases the potency. On the other hand, atropine contained in henbane, datura, inhibits the potency, as well as hemlock — one of the strongest plant poisons.

At all times, medicine and cooking go together and share the same characteristics of plants. We have heard some very interesting recipes healing potions and food, is used by ancient healers to treat impotence.

Some of these funds, we'll love more.

In different countries to enhance sexual activity used in different ways. Thus, in the East, to this end ate testicles of animals, fresh blood of snakes.

In Korea still cook porridge and rice with meat poisonous snakes, supposedly promote sexual power.

Japanese prepare various dishes of the giant mussels.

The Chinese believe that dog meat, seasoned with oil and turtle blood, is one of the strongest means to increase male sexual power.

Another Chinese erotic cooking recipe: 50 walnuts fried in vegetable oil, separately fry in vegetable oil chives, bringing it almost to perfection. All the components are mixed, till ready, add some salt to taste and serve. All components of this dish are stimulants potency.

Chinese traditional medicine to enhance potency offers another means. Pork medium oil — 100 g squid — 100 g tomatoes — 100 g Garlic — '50

Everything is thoroughly mixed, boiled in 500 ml of water on low heat for an hour. The mixture was taken once daily for 13 days. If the result is disappointing, to two more courses of treatment.

Dish of celery and nutmeg. Taken greens and celery. The root of the well washed, shredded and stewed in a pan with a little butter, flour and water. When the root is ready, add the chicken egg yolk and sprinkle nutmeg on top of the dish. In the hot to be served.

In the Indian book "Kamasutra", which tells about the technique of love, it is recommended to "night of love" to eat rice dishes, cooked in milk, sparrow eggs, stewed onions and honey.

In the Middle Ages to support the sexual activity enjoyed yolk of eggs, which was mixed with a small amount of beer or brandy.

Have you ever wondered about the origins of love of Tristan and Isolde? And the reason is simple — they drink a love potion, made queen mother for Isolde and her alleged husband, King Mark. Queen with his hands to gather and prepare herbs for her daughter. That's part of this drug: 100 g celery juice, 50 grams of juice or apple pear juice (instead of pear juice or apple juice can take a spoonful of apple cider vinegar).

Juice consumed in the evening. The main active principle in this recipe — celery. No wonder the Greeks called the celery king of vegetables.

Even in Roman times, Pliny the Elder wrote: "Bow and flabby men pushed into the arms of Venus." If onions mixed with eggs, his miraculous power increases several times. As proved by scientists, onion restores hormonal balance in the body and contains substances that enhance the potency.

And here is the recipe of erotic dish that personally prepared the French king Louis XV before you go on a date: 6 eggs, 100 g butter, vanilla — 1 bag, macaroons — 6 pcs., Sugar — 200 g

Yolks carefully stray from sugar. Separately whipped whites and mix with the egg yolks. This also add finely iskroshennoe vanilla cookies and everything is thoroughly mixed. Heat a frying pan, melt the butter in it and fry it lightly cooked mixture. On a platter sprinkled with vanilla, split in two and serve.

In the Renaissance, was popular so-called papal sauce, which was prepared as follows: a few slices of veal added a teaspoon of butter, chopped ham, celery, onion, parsley and carrots. After some time, topped up with a tablespoon of white wine and broth, added cloves, parsley, lemon peel and a few cloves of garlic. The mixture was cooked over low heat. Thus obtained sauce serve. The preserved data, this product is literally performed miracles and had a large catalytic force.

Get a double benefit the body, if you choose the following method of purification: for three days in the morning to eat one egg yolk and three days in a row have the onions and eggs.

First the body to some degree cleansed of toxins, and second, you get a surge of sexual energy.

From the recipes of ancient medicine men: the roots of wild asparagus — 1 kg butter — 1 kg, milk — 1 liter carrot seeds — 90 g, turnip seeds — '90

Dry ingredients are crushed and boiled in milk and butter as long as there will be a dense mass. Take 1 time a day for '85

One of the oldest Russian herbalists recommend the following to enhance potency drug. The juice from the berries of red currant — 100 ml juice of strawberries — 100 ml juice from the berries of a gooseberry — 100 ml, sugar (to taste), brandy — 50 mL (not more).

All stir well, put in a jar, close tightly and hold for 14 days at room temperature. Before going to assignation, drink one glass (no more).

Can enhance male potency and dairy products.

Cottage cheese, carrot and garlic. Take 2 tablespoons cream, 1 carrot, 2 cloves of fresh garlic. Grate carrots or chopped, mixed with cream cheese, add chopped garlic, sprinkle with herbs and serve.

Cheese with eggs. Take 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon of grated cheese, 1 tablespoon cheese, freshly grated 1 cucumber, 1 onion and salt

Soft-boiled eggs are boiled, cheese Grate. All mixed with chopped cucumber, onion and cheese. Add salt to taste.

To enhance potency and good peony root, but you need to take a root, flowers which were at flowering fragrance. And the more a flavor, the more benefits will root. The root of the well washed in cold water, dried, milled. One teaspoon of the root boiled water, add 1 teaspoon of fresh petals of red roses, and insist in a thermos for 5-6 hours. Then brew filter and drink 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day for 15 — 20 minutes before a meal.

The course of treatment — 15 days, then you can make a break and repeat the treatment. Treatment (with breaks) may be continued for several months.

Drevnetibetskaya medicine teaches that usually the disease helps the medicinal plant, which has the color of the diseased organ or body looks like this (immortelle close in color to the color of the liver, and so it is often used in the treatment of liver diseases, etc.). Slavic folk medicine has adopted the principle of treatment and uses all the vegetables or fruit, shaped like male genitalia, for the treatment of impotency. These fruits and vegetables include carrots, onions, celery, asparagus, radishes, turnips. And by the way, the principle of treatment is often justified. Nature as it tells a person what to do in difficult situations.

Avicenna in his book, "The Canon of Medicine" gives a mixture of prescription drug that increases male sexual potency: nettle seeds — 12 g, white poppy seeds — 12 g, onion seeds — 6 g, cannabis seeds — 18 g, seeds of wild carrot — 9 g , peeled sesame seeds — 15 g sugar — 18g.

All components are crushed and mixed. Take a mixture of 6 g 1-2 times a day. Washed down with sweet wine

For the elderly, traditional medicine recommends the following recipe: 100 g chopped and fried beige rice, 100 g peeled and chopped raw pumpkin seeds, 50 g of seeds sown wiki (roast, coffee, and grind), 150 g of fresh unsalted butter , 150 g May honey.

Mix well. Take 1 teaspoon in 1-2 hours.

Traditional medicine in Russia and other Slavic peoples also constantly look for and find ways to enhance potency. For several centuries, healers have successfully used the following charges which increase the potency.

Air ordinary (rhizome) — 50 g, yarrow (herb) — 100 g fenugreek seeds — '50

1 tablespoon chopped mixture brewed cup of boiling water. Infuse for 1 hour. Drain. Drink 200 ml three times a day.

Calendula officinalis (flowers) — 10 g, St. John's wort (herb) — 30 g, sandy immortelle (flowers) — 20 g, Valeriana officinalis (rhizomes with roots) — '25

1 tablespoon collection brew 200 ml of boiling water. Press 1 hour, drain. Take 1/3 cup 3 times a day.

In Russia XVIII-XIX centuries to enhance potency often cooked dish called "men's soup." To prepare this dish take 2 tablespoons chopped into small pieces of meat, a little crushed bone, 1 carrot, 1 onion, 1 medium sized turnip, 4-5 fresh dandelion leaves, 1 tablespoon chopped fresh nettles, and salt.

Washed crushed bone and meat mixed with chopped carrots, turnips, onion. All filled with hot salted water, bring to a boil, cooked for 10 minutes. Then the pan was removed from the heat and leave for 30 minutes at room temperature. In a bowl put washed and chopped dandelion leaves, nettles, pour hot soup and seasoned sour cream.

In ancient Russian herbals mentioned another love potion, which enjoyed great popularity from traditional healers: prunes — 200 g raisins — 200 g dried figs — 200 g Walnut kernels — 12 pcs.

All the fruits are taken pitted. Mince all, mix and keep on a glacier or in the refrigerator. Every day, take 2 tablespoons of the mixture, preferably in the afternoon. Wash down with sour milk, yogurt or kefir.

One of the most ancient Slavic recipes increasing potency is: cow's milk — 1L, butter — 1 kg, wild asparagus — 1 kg, carrot seeds — 90 g, turnip seeds — '90

Grind the dry ingredients and stir well with milk and butter: Put on the stove and simmer for as long as the milk has evaporated and there will be a dense mass. Taken once a day for '85 In severe cases take 1 times 170 g

In Siberia has always existed is another means of improving potency. 1 kg juicy chopped garlic and place in a three-liter jar. Pour boiling water up to the top, cover tightly and place in a dark place for 30 days. Daily shake. Take 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of milk a day. Drink until the medicine is over. Medication works by type known drevnetibetskogo prescription rejuvenation. While giving cleaned the blood vessels, improving hearing and vision, increased potency — the body is rejuvenated.

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