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Even the most powerful and purposeful woman, accustomed themselves to win any of life's difficulties, may unsettle health problems. Especially if these problems are related to the intimate sphere, causing cosmetic damage and can lead to fatal consequences. It is about the human papilloma virus (HPV).

According to various sources in the world are infected with HPV 70-90% of sexually active people.

Fortunately, HPV infection does not always lead to the development of disease.

There are over 100 different types of papillomaviruses.

And some of them are not harmful to health. Some types of HPV cause formation of warts on the skin. Warts — benign tumors, and also cosmetic defect, do not bring the other inconveniences.

Big trouble bringing human papilloma viruses affecting urogenital organs.

Under the influence of the virus on the skin and mucous urogenital appear genital warts — Education pale flesh color on the leg, which grow and become similar in shape to the "cauliflower" or "cock's comb."

Anogenital (Ie, in the anus and the genitals) warts rarely ozlokachestvlyayutsya, but cause considerable discomfort, easily damaged, bleeding and promote the accession of bacterial infection.


Cervical Cancer and HPV: is there a link?

Cervical cancer in 93% of cases is caused by infection with high risk HPV. The most dangerous of them: types 16, 18, 45 and 56.

A tiny virus particle, consisting of only 8-10 protein molecules surrounded by the viral envelope, infiltrating cells in the lining of the cervix, is launching specific processes leading to razvitiyudisplazii — a precancerous condition. The transition to dysplasia cancer occurs under one of the products of chemical transformation of the female sex hormone — estrogen.

It is therefore HPV infection leads to the development of malignant tumors predominantly in women, and men often occurs without symptoms, sometimes manifesting itself warts and genital warts or cancer of the prostate.

According to WHO, every day 1,300 women worldwide develop cervical cancer caused by HPV. More and more often the victims of this disease are young girls aged 15-20 years. More than 240,000 women die from cervical (cervical) cancer each year.

To prevent the development of cervical cancer need treatment for HPV and timely diagnosis of cancer, if they arise. All women who are infected with HPV, it is necessary every 6 months to visit the gynecologist and analysis of cells from the genital mucosa — onkotsitologiyu (Pap test).


What is the prevention of HPV?

For the prevention of HPV should avoid unprotected sex.

Condom greatly reduces the chance of infection, but does not provide 100% security. Viral particles can be placed not only on the skin of genitals and crotch but so infection is possible even if the condom through microdamages on the skin.

In the case of unprotected intercourse should apply as early as possible to a medical facility for emergency prevention with special antiseptics and medicines.


Is there a cure HPV?

It is proved that a healthy and strong immune system, in some cases able to cope with HPV. People younger than 30 years of spontaneous cure of the virus often occur several years after infection c.

However, this is not always true. For many women, the virus survives for a long time in the body. Poor predictor of the risk of developing cancer is the preservation of the virus in the body for more than two years. In this case we speak of chronic carriers of HPV.

For many years, doctors' efforts were aimed at getting rid of the clinical manifestations of infection. However, carriers of the virus persisted, forcing people to live permanently in the "pending" relapse — a new "rash" of papillomas.

Fortunately, science does not stand still, and now have the tools that can hamper reproduction papilomovirusa and to some extent provoked them to protect against cancer.


The new facility will help in the fight against HPV

As a result of five years of research the Institute of Molecular Medicine MMA. IM Setchenov our scientists created a dietary supplement (BAA) "Indinol", which slows the growth of tumors of the female reproductive system. The main active substance "Indinol" — indole-3-carbinol, — isolated from plants of the family Cruciferae. The impetus for research on the creation of new funds were the observations that showed that people who drink every day a large number of different kinds of cabbage, suffer fewer cancers of the reproductive organs and the gastrointestinal tract. From cruciferous allocated more substances having antitumor activity. One of them — the most effective — indole-3-carbinol and is part of the "Indinol." The molecule indole-3-carbinol, a member of the BAA "Indinol" although synthesized, similar to that which was once isolated from plants of the cabbage family.

Studies show that the newly established dietary supplements may be useful when taken with HPV (human papilloma virus). The data that indole-3-carbinol inhibits proliferation of cells infected with virus. The use of immunomodulators in conjunction with the acquisition of the Badal leads to a more efficient elimination of HPV-infected cells from the body — especially in the early stages of the development of human papillomavirus infection in people at high risk of chronic process.

Furthermore, "Indinol" blocks the formation of degradation products of oncogenic female sex hormones. Thus, this food supplement can be a preventive measure.

In addition to TSA, the list of diseases in which a new dietary supplement can benefit, is large enough. This is a disease of the breast, endometriosis and other diseases of the female genital organs, which are risk factors for cancer.

However, one must understand that, in principle, possible idiosyncrasy of any chemical substance. Fully predict the response of the body Badal even impossible, although to date no adverse effects of receiving Indinol been identified.

Because of the disease, where it may be useful "Indinol" require regular monitoring and treatment by a specialist of his appointments, taking this dietary supplement should be only in agreement with the attending physician.

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