Secrets of the Moscow metro




Everyone knows that the Moscow Metro is famous for its architecture and history. Few "underground" world can boast of such decorations and sculptures such as Moscow. But sometimes in the "underground art" is something really extraordinary, something much more amazing than the mosaic quality and beautiful moldings.

So, a few years ago found that the station "Perov" depicts apocalyptic animals, the ones about which it is said in the "Apocalypse of St. John the Theologian" and the station "Lenin Square" has long been known as a mass grave of the ancients, who lived billions of years ago, molluscs . They are seen literally on every column of this station. In addition, according to the rumors, the subway live huge, the size of a dog, a rat, white blind insects, and close to the underground stations are lapping lake. And now these "underground wonders," added another.

At the station "Kiev Ring", which was opened back in 1954, there is a mosaic titled "The Struggle for Soviet power in Ukraine." On it in the corner shows a man sitting at a laptop and talking on a cell phone. In his hand the man, apparently holding a PDA.

What it is — "a quirk of nature," or prophetic insight — is unknown. And it is unlikely ever to be known. That, however, does not stop to speculate about the "Soviet laptop user."

The experts of "New Region", taking into account the current realities — the elections in Ukraine and the participation in the elections and Russian President Putin's spin doctors — have suggested that the author of the panel tried to portray a certain political consultant of the future, a prototype of "spin doctor-Muscovite" XXI century one of those who are forging Mr Yanukovich's victory in the Ukrainian deep rear.

However, the reason for which the Muscovites had not paid attention to this piece of panels, not just explain. Rather, the expert says "NO" Andrew Latynina, a political consultant profession in the conventional sense of the word did not exist. Laptops, mobile phones and PDAs, the "New Region", also has not spread.

And only now, in the era of "global computerization," we see what has been hidden from Soviet citizens. And who knows what they see in this picture people XXIII century?

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