Sexual Magic




Sexual magic is not to be confused with sexual rituals. The following is a brief overview of examples of the use of sexual and love magic.
In a classical work written, apparently, in Babylon, entitled "Agriculture at the Nabataeans," describes how to plant trees. The operation must fulfill a young girl. At the time of introduction to the branch of the scion wood she makes movements, imitating the movements of a tree, which then has to make during the operation.
On an island in the Netherlands Amboim naked men come into the garden at night and simulate intercourse with trees, like fertilizing them.

The magic of fertility

In one African tribe practiced magic next procedure: when a girl is about to get married, it is removed in the field at the time of seed germination or in the corral with the pregnant cows. A girl sits on the ground, puts his feet and put a stick between them. Thus in hand, it must hold the baby.

Maiden menstruation

Some of the Indian people wizards for big money buying menstrual blood of virgins. It is added to the love potion. The man, after drinking this potion began to go take care of the women, even if you do not love her.

Indian Love Magic

The man, who wanted to be loved a woman, began by saying that abstained from food for several days.
After that, he went to the river, took off his clothes and was looking fir cones.
Having found two cones lying one beside the other, he takes them, one in each hand, and thus continually repeats his name and the name of the woman.
Man enters the water of the river to the level of the heart, it is against the current, throwing cones in front of him, waiting for him they podplyvut again takes them and throws.

Then he relates bumps in the woods, hiding them under leaves and returns home to four repeating his vow.

Recipes sexual magic

In some tribes of Oceania magic is practiced to enhance the mutual attraction sexes.
A young man tries to take over a loincloth girl. He ties her to the belt and goes swimming. It then returns the bandage girl, and she, putting her experiences attraction to the young man.
Saying the magic formula raises a woman's excitement and overwhelming desire, even if it is at a distance of several kilometers. All night she dreams of a passionate man. The next day, a woman walks like a sleepwalker. She finally gives up and goes in search of man.
Women's erotic magic is you cast over the loincloth or men over the banana, which he then has to eat.
In order to sow discord in the family, the wax figures do two husbands, three times put them against each other person speaking a spell that turns a man into a tiger and a woman — a goat. After that, put the figures on the ground back to back and cast spells 22 times for each of them. Then they bind, again leaning to each other back and buried in the ground for seven days.

Blood and Love Magic

Blood plays a role in love magic Roma. Exchange of blood — this exchange of love. On the wedding night the wife is trying to discreetly sprinkled their blood taken from the left hand, the hair of her husband, to save his love forever.
In Hungary, the bride and groom before cross the threshold of the house in which they now live, smear each other with their blood the sole of the left foot.
Custom mix blood Suite with flour and bake a cake out of it, which they then eat, celebrated the gypsies of England.
In the beginning of XIX century, Gypsies were forced to drink their blood of young women.
Some people believed that if a woman is a man sprinkle a few drops of his blood, he will love it.
In India, the husband of his wife sometimes marks the forehead with a few drops of his blood. In other cases, spouses blood mixed into the dish, which they then eat together.
At the Bushmen of Africa witch makes newlyweds incisions on the abdomen, back and hip. After that, he adds, the blood of the young man in the ointment and apply it to the wound girls and vice versa.
Among other peoples of South Africa, widows and widowers who want to remarry, come with their elected representatives to the sorcerer, which makes it the incisions in the pubic area, at the base of the spine and lower back, and then plunges into the blood of each finger and checks whether the the blood of a man a woman's blood.
Friedrich Guillaume II — Prince and then King of Prussia, Frederick the Great's nephew — and his sixteen-lover Wilhelmine Enke took a pen-knife, opened the veins of each other and affixed his blood oath of eternal love.


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