Shagreen Air Force

Show me the pilot of the first class,
Received this letter in today's age:
Disappear in Russia pilots as caste,
Love goes out to the heavens in man.
Only the blind do not behold the like grayish mass
Amateurs from the service crushes Air Force,
But preparing a pilot is not snow-white race,
Understanding — wins come from the skies …

For each academic year in the regiments, divisions, naval aviation flight training plans are developed.
Reddish line in their passage training newly formed crews. Usually, only appointed to the commanders and navigators of ships officers determined one crew, this was partly explained by the fact that the commander and navigator at once (parallel) were trained for combat operations according to the PCU (Course training).
Young crews in these plans, "driven by the program" on — the maximum, rather short in the most trying time "to put them into service" combat ready.
Not necessarily, but in the majority of cases, the young crews assistant captains and navigators — operators have struggled to find enough experienced professionals.
Usually, the task of training the young crew of the database was produced for the 1st academic year.
The youth was placed into the first table of all scheduled flights in the critical load on a summer day, but then determined flight missions to replace the other crews. In second place after the youth was recovering from holidays and breaks in flights for other reasons already combat-ready crews.
Another problem, which is constantly kept under control arms. of the regiment and the AE was timely inspections by type of training in a timely manner all of the flight of the regiment.
According to GMP, each deputy. commander of the regiment had to manage the flights over 2-time in a month, not once a month less often — the commander of the regiment, etc., etc.

In the month of October of each year in each squadron of the deficit, as all that he put one cut six-meter roll of graph paper "footcloth" which razlinovyvalas vertically by 11 Count the number of full-time crews and resulting graphs across the bottom, the horizontal broken into months and the individual shifts, each of them based on a weekend, the Reds calendar days, fees, etc., with the final counts for each crew in the month and the year as a whole.
After the procedure tortured cutting the vacation that is usually left the squad (units) actually began planning the flight crew to prepare each year.
Each aircraft regiment, and serviceability was not lower than 95%, in the garrison always had to be combat ready crew, so leave crews regiments walking moderately since the beginning of January to the end of December.
At the shelves of the 5th Division VVS SF as the initial data for this purpose took over the execution of a regiment of seventy-five years of full flight changes, taking into account the fact that there have been changes made for various reasons (usually — the weather or prohibitions)
not one hundred percent for the calculation were taken (with supplies) ninety-flight shifts.
Each commander of the pencil only "painted" the crews own squad of all these 90 shifts, then deputy. Commander AE AE co-driver is all very meticulously double-checked and the "rules."
After that, every commander AE "protect" their own plan in the management of the regiment, and after the approval of plans for the AE already IMPOSED plan of the whole regiment for a year.
Input in the planning of it — in bulk, so that grind "Latuha" had repeatedly, making it to the very statement was kind enough zasharpannogo from repeated erasures and corrections, ie real, we can say, "through suffering" of the document.

In drawing up the plans for each flight meant a change of AE 5 — 6 and more than planes, no amount of kerosene was not at all concerned.
How much is it, according to the approved plan, the output of the "output" — as his rear and supplied. The annual raid regiments were in the range of 4 — 5 thousand hours, that is, (With Tu — 16) one regiment burned out in the year 25 — 30 thousand tons of jet fuel.
The annual Air Force SF raid was either a bit less or a little more than 50,000 hours
Given the fact that an unlimited amount of kerosene consumed in the preparation to dry concrete runway and taxiway training which was carried out during the winter months is actually round the clock and in the other months of consumption for thermal machines was comparable, and sometimes superior flow and aircraft regiment, in the end, for the year garrison expended, including refueling aircraft to fly over other departments to forty and Pobol thousand tons of kerosene only.
Consumption of kerosene for the same VVS SF per year was on average — 120,000 tons.

Unfortunately, this so ordinary to us, "method" died out 20 years ago back.
Since the early 90's the basic way of planning was the number allocated to the year of fuel.
When instead of 120 thousand a year VVS SF were "issue" 8 — 9 thousand, the planning for the year was quite different.
If each shelf of them "dropped out" in one year — two thousand tons, which is comparable with the preparation for battle of the 1st of the crew, it is obvious that this kerosene "rastryahivali" on a year to maintain skills in the art of piloting the most experienced pilots and implementation provisions of naval forces, the bearing of duty and perform other priorities.
Kutsenkih shifts a year on the shelf at all it was 20 — 20 May, and sometimes even less.
Youth in the plans for the year are generally not "Browse".

The consistent reduction in the number of regular Air Force crews also contributed to the fact that at least as — that has caused the concept to their preparation.
Acceleration regiments and their continuous "reform", redeployment and "optimization" of further confuse an already complicated situation.

How — then settled on kutsee time here breaking down of plans for reduction. What kind of — or Air Force training strategy it could not and go.
It was clear that the country has not the best of times, but it was hoped that overcoming the economic problems seem to have the means to restore the serviceability of aircraft that have been disrupted, and will increase the amount allocated to fuel, without which the preparation of young people was simply unimaginable .
Own task to the criteria we beheld saving (up to expected improvements in the software) prepared instructor structure and its ability to maintain at least a little applicable level that allows to start training young pilots without the huge costs of training and rehabilitation instructors themselves.

Backlog from the Soviet Union remained very high, over 10 years-ka task of saving the instructor, to a greater or lesser degree, but provide almost all parts.
However, expectations of improvements have been, in part, as it is now quite clearly visible, just trusting podzatyanul incredibl
y well and on time.
The departure of the flight of the age is inevitable. By the turn of the century have disappeared illusions in the expectation that the government will attend to the state of their own Air Force as "disappeared" a number of reasons, and a significant part of senior management at all levels of the people who knew he could, and could quite quickly and is not dangerous to cook for themselves substitution of young people while having the capacity to fly much — something often.

In 2001, the Office of the Commander of Naval Aviation Navy countries came indication that the newcomer to the school, the Air Force all fleets must submit two plans for flight training, one — basic, obvious — for almost a year allocated amount of kerosene, the second (training) — the number of kerosene using good standards of plaque on WMD (organizational — guidelines) for the year.
If the Air Force for a year has been allocated as much BF 4,500 tons of kerosene, according to the norms in its WMD should have been an order of magnitude greater.
It was clear that the second plan — the work on the basket, and I'm very very skeptical of this senseless task that requires a lot of time, which is never enough, though, there was also a certain usefulness of this "Manilovism."
Questions — how that plan be, it was a lot of, for example, as a condition of the fleet and the fleet of special vehicles provide training for flight operations was such that even those hard to burn 4,500 tons and 45,000 and not on anything, nothing, and — there is no one … .
We, the "top" (suspended), has been enhanced serviceability of interest to the unimaginable, Tipo — condition you should not worry, "fly" — how much to WMD.
But the "fly" his heart's content even on paper — did not work.

And part of the rear PTO and CBOs and by the time the process of constant cuts were "bitten" to the fact that the general could not provide for the personnel of the 2-flight shifts at one airport for one day, and more than 2-shifts a week .
It also turned out that at 100% load on each instructor in each shift, we are not able to burn even half of kerosene that we "dumped" on WMD again, and it provided a fabulous (seemingly overnight) increase serviceability of all and sundry.

In other words, even 10 years ago to talk about what — or mass training of young people no longer make sense.

Over 10 years has flowed so much water that even someone who is 25 years of age received first class and became an instructor in the Soviet Union, now a veteran of forty-five, collecting things for retirement.

In the Soviet Union there were funds for the construction of thousands of airfields in Russia for some reason they do not is decades to maintain 2-hundred remained in the ranks, now their number is "optimized" to the 2-10-s.
Overhaul period of 18 years ago — has long been expired for all military airports of the country.

20 years of promises, survival, expectations … and just collapsed hopes …

Two 10-ka years skits for a summer job, sarcastically referred to as the Mission "to support the pants" …

In 1980, 1984 and 1985, I was one naletyval to 200 hours a year, now so much naletyval the whole regiment

So Makar, ended those who knew how to fly himself and who could teach others to do it.
This — the methodical gap that already does not jump at all desire.
The epoch of the Russian pilots, the era of Russian has not yet started.

Air compressed to the vile rag shagreen, a framework of 10 regiments, two — four, where occasionally — more serviceable aircraft that were on terms of their production is already on its last legs, and can not even breathe ….

All these years, just Saw — like flying Russian pilots flying graduates 'institutions' Russian times or grow old, or run away, exhausted mock an endless queue waiting to get into the cockpit.
In the USSR, half the 10-ka flight schools and two 10-ka UCA once a year "delivered" in the Air Force 5 — 6 thousand pilots in flight school only of in the past year, 25 students were accepted, of which, according to statistics, about 15 remain for release. Now two years and is likely to — eternity, a set of all school general discontinued.

Artificially created another failure in the preparation, as students and teachers.

In order to "hang noodles" remnants of the former power electorate in parades, something — something from the "wood" in a couple of years yet enough, the rest of the country in respect of the Air Force — trepotnya, cheating, fraud and hitherto unheard of cheap PR on anything.
Military — Air Force, we do not have, nor the airplanes and helicopters on the flight or composition or in the flight support, either in the system of training of personnel.

All slender Russian system of training and successfully absolutely ruined.

All that is necessary to build a coherent system anew, only to do this is to some, well, there is no eagerness to ensure none of the Supreme Commander, neither DoD nor our heroic deputies ….

Ochnemsya, what many do not believe — to create anew the training of flight personnel will cost exorbitant, decades of time and a sea of blood at training …

Twitched delusional sharahaniya to extremes, "change", called "reforms"; demoralize idiotic attitude to the officer corps and warrant, and do not have even a vague idea of their next day, pompously call "new look", Armed Forces, as such, species generally do not have, and in the bulk, are clogged disarmed and helpless "puny strength," as Air Force represent a negligible except that "veveesishki" as flabby residues BBC majestic power 80-ies of the last century.

Sick and sad all this build up and think about, but it is a fact that does not want to build, and do not want to admit no one, apart from the pros who laid all his life in the service of aviation ….

And or ever will … with such creators of reform …

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