Shamanism: Religion on the edge of medicine

October 17, 2011 13:11

Shamanism — the national religion of the Yakuts. Ancient faith survived the Soviet persecution of religion. These atheist years the Yakut shamans hide their abilities. However the remaining oyuuny, as they are called local people and Udege (female shamans) soon found a loophole. With a talent for medicine, they were held to work health workers and veterinarians. Hiding under the guise of Soviet physicians, Yakut shamans secretly made their magic rituals — ritual.

 "When conventional medicine can not help a person, people go to a shaman — said" Pravde.Ru "Andrei Martynov, chairman of the organization of the Yakut-Russian Society" Knowledge ", a former vice president of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). — Our grandmothers say that Peter I, when he was seriously ill, sought help from the Yakut shamans. They say that the emperor had no time to get to Yakutia, so he died. "
In Yakutia, lives and works honored doctor of the republic Alexander Chirkov. Distinguished surgeon and therapist used to work with the latest European medicine. At the same time, Alexander K. actively uses shamanic practices medicine. In her words, modern science emerged from ancient healing techniques. Shamans of Yakutia were skilled psychologists who have used visual diagnosis.
Shamans are respected people and the protection of the local authorities. But if the head of the republic can always contact by phone, some hereditary oyuunam have to travel across the tundra across Yakutia.
In Tataysky ulus dare to go far not. Should get a half hour boat trip on the River Lena, and then seven hours on the machine. That's a lot even for Yakutia. Also unknown, whether you get there. On the way to tattoo cars often break down and roll over.
Local residents say that this is the work of the great dead shamans who lived once on this earth. Their souls are the guardians oyuunov roads to homes, protecting them from view. If someone can get to oyuunu, then the man was driving with an open heart and sincere intentions, including those with a strong desire to heal.
Yakut shamans cured with tambourines. When oyuun kamlaet the sick, it is believed that he was speaking to the spirit of the disease. At therapeutic ritual drum to sound calm and measured, otherwise the patient will start to get nervous. The healing power of a tambourine is another explanation. Vibration drum improves the cardiovascular system, which is good for the health of other body organs. Depending on whether you need to speed up or slow down the patient's heart, the shaman speeds up or slows down the drum beats.
Shaman ritual instrument must be "live", that is, repeatedly tried to talk with the spirits. If "live drum" is not, and kamlat needed, shamans sometimes use jews harp or harp. Khomus affect the power centers of the nervous system and relieves stress.
Almost all Russian shamans call the main cause of illness in the decline of spirituality. "People do not believe, have a lot of hurt. Disease — it is a product of the evil spirits. A lot of bad people think thoughts of illness attracts to itself and then suffers "- told the news agency" Taiga. Info "Buryat shaman Tyurgen Kam.
In modern Yakutia and beyond know the name of Vladimir Kondakova. He is considered a "white shaman." Kondakov was a doctor by training, a medical doctor. Shamanism Kondakova is to treat people.
As many years supreme oyuunom Yakutia, he believed that man and nature have always been united. Nature — it's the "world tree", or Aal Kuduk Maas, which consists of three worlds. People have been sent in the middle of the world of spirits, the inhabitants of the upper world.
Accustomed to a carefree life, people become lazy and was "exiled" in the middle world. He did not forget to link to the ancestral home of the spirits gave him the "mother heart" or iie-Kut. Besides iie Kut, people have Buor Kut, or "earthy soul." Third Kut connects people with the cosmos. Together, the three form a kuta suras. Russian researcher Nikolai Alekseev defines shamanism verses as bioenergy, coming from a man who represents his will and mind.
If any of the three Kutovoy deformed, the whole body suffers. The man starts to hurt. Rite shaman helps a person to restore harmony.
Yakut shaman Michael Chashkin blames disease modern people like this: "There is a lot of alcoholism, high blood pressure. Disease depends on the composition of blood. He spoiled because climate change, food, clothes, people started drinking, smoking. The nature of the man departed. "
Already mentioned Vladimir Kondakov once told reporters: "I think the world into good holding up? No, on the balance of good and evil. Now, evil prevails, and it's not that God evil or weak. Evil — in humans. I spend my rituals that nature was. " Yakuts believe that diamonds oyuuna keeps a balance between the worlds, and in this equilibrium, and is a guarantee of health.

Arthur Priymak


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