Shamans: Navy ready to solve any puzzle at the borders of the Russian Federation and in other countries

Airborne Troops (VDV) has long and rightly listed as army elite. Specifically Marines played a crucial role in all military conflicts of the new Russian history, and perfect in 1999 march from Bosnia to Kosovo demonstrated worldwide capacious sense of their slogan: "There are airborne, and there is an impossible task." About the training, arming, tasks and abilities Russian paratroopers defender of the Fatherland day or the other day in an exclusive interview with RIA Announcements Igor Andreev said Navy commander, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Shamanov.

— Vladimir, leading armies of the world have long and successfully conduct military operations on the territory of other countries. A capable whether such large-scale operations for thousands of kilometers from the Russian border our paratroopers? In this case can be realized their transfer to the battle?

— Surely, the answer to this question is given the action of past years, and more striking example of fighting the introduction of the opponent's area Airborne — the role of paratroopers in the "five-day" war. Then — in August 2008 — Marines were deployed in a war zone with 3 modes of transport: by rail, sea bolshennymi landing ships, and aircraft Military Transport Aviation (VTA). With all of this specific operational airborne transfer connections to the area of conflict, I think, is allowed to not only locate, and demoralizing to play the role of the aggressor Georgian army, largely predetermined not only the final conflict, and its transience.

Revealing another example: in 2010, only the specific transfer of the 1st Battalion, air assault on the Russian Kant air base at the height of unrest in Kyrgyzstan, according to local politicians, has become a prerequisite for localization of the military conflict and warned the bloodshed. And this despite the fact that the Marines did not intervene in the conflict. To cool the hot heads then turned itself rather just transfer Airborne in the conflict area.
So the Navy is now able to perform any military task is not only at the Russian border, and on the ground in other countries. After all, traditional example of the introduction of combat paratroopers — the specific acts by the enemy, why our connection since the 1970s, began to be equipped not only military equipment, and the means of its landing by parachute. With all of this now, we do not necessarily throw in the enemy's rear 100 percent of personnel and equipment. By parachute in the area of fighting the introduction of only delivered the first echelon of our troops. Main forces will be parachuted into the area of combat is not the introduction of parachute and landing method — flying military transport aircraft at the vanguard of the occupied enemy airfields. Because now in the Navy and has not desantiruemye but aviatransportabelnaya, in other words airfreight BTA military equipment. Those, for example, anti-aircraft missiles "Strela-10M", the arrival of the troops which significantly our ability to increment the air defense.

— And be able to compare the proficiency, experience and technical equipment of Russian paratroopers and zabugornyh?

New landing parachutes for airborne fly against the wind

— Associate proficiency and the ability of our paratroopers and zabugornyh me as commander of the Navy, you see, is not entirely correct. Therefore refrain from similar assessments. Talking about the technical component, as I say about our advantages, and about the problems. So, for example, in terms of development funds airdrop equipment and supplies we are now in the lead, having the opportunity to parachute objects weighing up to 18 tons. Our colleagues zabugornye such abilities do not yet have. Well and reliability of all our weapons systems adopted by airdrop equipment and cargo significantly higher than their counterparts zabugornyh. These abilities can not brag nor the Americans, nor the British, nor the Germans. But the state of our military transport aircraft, which is directly dependent on the ability of our largest single airdrop how annoying it did not sound, is one of the severe problems in the traditional, in other words parachute combat use. Second severe problem of significantly limiting our ability to scale modern warfare, I would refer to the already mentioned our air defense system. Yes, the ability of our air defense divisions over the past 5 years, with the arrival of the troops of the same SAM "Strela-10M" increased significantly, but all the same as before, far from good Conditions. After a confrontation with at least some modern army the main threat to our businesses will come specifically from the sky.

— Question from another area: What, in your opinion, the situation in the Russian North Caucasus is now compared with 1999, and whether it affected the worsening situation in the Middle East?

The counter-terrorist operation in Chechnya

— The situation in the North Caucasus controversial. And me, as a participant in 2-war campaigns in the North Caucasus, of course, is alarming situation in Dagestan. So it was that when dealing with representatives of the region, I am what is called, learn firsthand about what is going on there. 'll Call a spade a spade: the information is constantly growing impact on the local youth from extremist religious groups and design turn around eventually everyday summaries of outbreaks of terrorist activity. And it is a cause for concern. Indeed, in 1999, and specifically anti-Wahhabi Counterterrorism attitude of the local population has permitted us to rapidly localize came to Dagestan from Chechnya gang.

As for the Near East, of course, what's going on — it's a clash of geopolitical interests. It is clear that the worsening situation in the region likely to increase and actions aimed at destabilizing the situation in our country. To understand this connection, I recall that during the counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus in the middle of those killed and captured militants were representatives of 53 countries of the world, including about 30 of Near East.

— In the media more than once published t
he idea that the situation in Chechnya was stabilized in the main because of the determination of Vladimir Putin. Do you agree with these assessments?

— I will say more — not in the main, and only thanks to Vladimir Putin. I remember being developed in Chechnya in the middle of the 1990s, when Moscow built intrigue, and the army in the North Caucasus choked with blood and kneading gryazyuka. With all this gryazyuka poured upon us, and Russian media. Never forget the oppressive feeling that the war in Chechnya as if the army life of its own, and all of our homeland — some other, private, with very different moral values.

Actions same turn of the 2000s — is a completely different story. I remember how becoming Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin immediately came to our group at war in Dagestan. The visit quickly gaining popularity policy indescribably then lifted the morale of the army continued the unfinished war. I remember, as Vladimir Putin once penetrated into our difficulties and began to address them. In the end, after a few days after his visit troops got walkie-talkies, which we did not have enough air as the first war. With all this gangs took advantage of the advanced Japanese equipment. When we got intercepted radio station in Japan, we like eyes opened. All this — Putin. But most importantly — inspires faith determination premiere. Right now the officers realized — certainly not betray the army and not suspended in the middle.

Or recall the famous Istanbul OSCE summit, when the West has raised the question of the legitimacy of the protection of the Russian state armed groups in the Caucasus. First cheeky Putin's position then promoted to that counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus region in spite of everything began, leading ultimately to a complete collapse of the bandit regime.

— As paratroopers worked acquired real combat experience to the company of combat training?

— Experience, paid with blood, really changed our approach to combat training. She was certain, more approximate to the real combat use of troops. Here is a relevant example. For many years we have been mining field out cadets of the Ryazan Airborne School on mountain range stationed in the Kuban region of the 7th Airborne Division. Just before the students went to the South as a simple rest, on the train, though not in Myagenko, and in the second-class carriage. Now "second-class seat" book for them to IL-76 — a landing on unfamiliar terrain and the next execution of combat tasks on it. With all of this puzzle they are exclusively in the plane. And last year was indicative of the teachings of the 7th Airborne Division with reinforcements from other divisions — from Ivanovo artillery, reconnaissance of Cuban women, signal regiment of the suburban Bear Lake. In the course of the exercise was used three paratroopers. One of them — managed to parachute landing on a limited area in the mountains, 5 landings on military transport helicopters, supported by helicopter gunships of the Southern Military Area and regular troops had been landed with a huge amphibious assault ship the Black Sea Fleet. With all of this to all the paratroopers had to perform a single puzzle in the rugged mountains and forests. But in the process of learning "Center-2011" units of the 98th Division were landed on CHebarkulskij ground on which they were not previously, 31 Brigade to the landfill, "Kapustin Yar", and a task force of the 98th Division, with support units do puzzles in Tajikistan. Saturated and similar activities will be present in 2012 year, in which we, by the way, again "open America," conducted during the second half of May, along with U.S. special operations forces counterterrorism exercises in their areas.

— Is optimal if, in your opinion, the current divisional structure Airborne? Planned transition to airborne brigade structure?

— Airborne development plan, which was approved by the Supreme Commander, recently — until 2016 — does not provide such a transition and the abandonment of the division's base. Means segodnyaschy structure Airborne optimal for today and in the coming years will not change. With this there is not a single structure can never be called before the end of the good: it changes the means of warfare, methods of warfare, and hence, in accordance with these changes should be improved and the structure of the troops.

— The base of the park Airborne combat vehicles are already exploited by 25-30 years BMD-2. As the paratroopers in August 2008 failed to combat such technology puzzle? When and what kind of car will replace the BMD-2, as it will soon begin volume shipments of what else is new technology will go on troops?

— When paratrooper number 1, Vasily Filipovich Margelov, has received support from the country and identified the factory, where began the creation of military vehicles specifically for the Airborne Troops, Margelov Airborne attracted hundreds of professionals in technical profile — tankers, gunners. One of them — the general ACHALOV — then became commander of the Navy and the first Deputy Minister of Defence. In time I also started his career at the Tashkent tank school in amphibious company. It's getting late, after 2-years of training, our company was moved to Ryazan landing school. We were both gunners, for example, General of the Army Axe, which ended Odessa Artillery School, and started his career in the Navy commander of a platoon of antitank guns. So here's a margelovskie times these spices brought to the Navy special relationship to the art, as the most expensive domain troops. And now, thanks to be passed on from generation to generation especially with respect to technology, we have it combat ready, despite his advanced age. Although there are now specific in this regard and huge prepyadstviya: years and serviced our equipment maintenance and repair battalions disbanded, taking over these tasks unauthorized repair organizations are not always at the appropriate level with them are managed.

Certainly, one of the major challenges before us now is to re Airborne latest military vehicle assault — BMD-4 — and forming at its base a number of special machines. Such as the BTR-D "Shell", the machine radiation and chemical reconnaissance RHM-5, an experienced military unit operation which has already begun at the site "Tesnitskoe" and others.

On the basis of the developed world, "Concept of Airborne" Tula enterprise "Instrument Design Bureau" has developed "an all-inclusive program from a motivated the development of weapons Navy until 2020", which in 2009 adopted the Military Industrial Commission (MIC) of the Government of the Russian Federation. As a result, state applets weapons until 2020 is foreseen complete re Airborne to the latest technology. But some remain unresolved issues on the last year's meeting of the military-industrial complex, held in Tula, when the deputy chairman of the military-industrial complex Yuri Borisov and chairman of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov had to figure out why, in 2011, the troops received the first samples of the upgraded BMD-4 and BTR "Shell".

The fact that the first received by the party of troops BMD-4 — it's actually received a new set of weapons, but retaining an old military base machine, which we have, and the Chief of the General Staff were really huge claims and bronezaschischennosti the reliability of the chassis. Yes, entered service in 2005 BMD-4 has a powerful weaponry and modern, which is unique, digital fire control system. But the trial operation of the first batch of these machines showed poor reliability of the power unit. In order to remedy the shortcomings and indicated increasing degree of commonality with the combat vehicles of the Army, the industrialists was held profound modernization of the BMD-4. As a result, the BMD-4M, received a number of more reliable components and assemblies the power bl
ock BMP-3, was reliable, and bronezaschischennost her body — much higher.

Following the instructions of the Chief of General Staff, with particular insistence related to the quality of airborne equipment, "Kurgan" increased security BMD-4 from the shells and mines also due to extra overhead armor. In the end, we got two options configuration battle machines of landing: everyday, when the technique is meant to parachute parachute method and excessive security when fighting vehicles mounted hanging polutoratonnaya body armor.

By this way — the availability of 2-or even 3 different bronezaschischennosti — has long been the leading armies of the world are. But that's a very heavy version zabugornyh machines unlike our "four" do not swim.

Now the question is, how soon will begin serial deliveries of the BMD-4M in the army and when the factory companies to catch up, it will turn out for the planned shipments. The question for us is very fundamental, because brand new combat vehicle as air needs having an old technique of airborne troops, because we are look forward to the help in this question Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, the charge of the MIC.
I think that the approach to re-Rogozin troops and the situation in the Russian military-industrial complex has recently will be effective. I hope that under his leadership the process of re Airborne tangibly accelerate.

Significantly increment Airborne combat abilities and developed "TSNIITOCHMASH" new artillery system on the basis of 7-Katkova 120-mm and 152-mm caliber. Rearm their artillery Navy also plans to 2020.

Well, in terms of auto technology, we have almost completely defected to the biaxial KamAZ "Mustang". However, it is not yet have the means landing, but this year will be given development work to create a platform for a new type of landing.

— Do you plan to buy for the Navy in 2012, new funds automation?

— Closing airborne equipment automation tools, "Flight-K" — another one of our important tasks. By 75 percent in 2011, we fulfilled. Command Airborne paratroopers proposed retrofit in the current year with automation "Flight-K" to the level of 100 percent. The General Staff and Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Anatolyevich Chushkin supported us, and led by Defense Minister economical Commission approved the proposal. So by the end of the year all airborne units will be equipped by the system. But do not get enough of the automatic battle management, more fundamentally learn from their work. Why run-in with might and main and master these tools. Here and in the large-scale exercise "Kavkaz-2012", which involved units of the 7th Airborne Division, will work only "in the machine."

— You have long been talk about the need to include in the airborne army aviation. How real is a similar perspective?

— To be clear, I said, that perfect option would be to include the regiments or brigades of army aviation in the compounds of the Airborne Troops. And then only then we would be able to use helicopters very well both in war and in combat training. But taking into account the quantity and quality status of Army Aviation, which is, after all, for the first time in 20 years, had the opportunity to upgrade the helicopter fleet, now we have even arranged a one submitted to us under the operational control and stationed not far from some of our landfills helicopter crew. At the moment this issue worked out by the General Staff. With all of this support and our position in the main command of the Army, and basically the operational management of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces.

— When the army will receive standard modified IL-76, IL-476, AN-124 "Ruslan"? About how many planes can we talk?

— The main hope in this plan lay in the Ulyanovsk aircraft factory. Factory tests of the new IL-476 should begin as early as year. If all this is not the least important is envisaged state applets weapons modernization of the fleet of IL-76. Just before the 2020 purchase of the applets provided 10 An-124 "Ruslan". 20-30 of these aircraft at the moment and bought the commercial structures. Therefore, taking into account the ability of these large aircraft, I think it would be advisable for the U.S. example and adopt a law on the use of dual-purpose in the military. When our overseas colleagues raises the question of large airlift, they temporarily withdraw for military aircraft, compensating the holders commercial aircraft lease price. This approach, by the way, would have saved a lot of municipal funds.

And we look towards the An-70, but the last two years, something not add optimism. On the one hand, as the plane would advertise serial deliveries of the AN-70 are prevalent in the "State program of weapons," but at the last air show MAKS-2011 in Zhukovsky near Moscow for some reason he was not even represented. Would like to see an all-Ukrainian comrades as honestly uttered whether the aircraft will eventually fly or not?

— What unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are currently used in the Navy and are scheduled for delivery to the troops? What other aids need troops?

— On the supply of airborne intelligence units are close unmanned systems act "Pear". With all of this on the teachings we have driven around and apparatus Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant, and concern "Vega" and Kazan enterprise "Enix". With the latter, by the way, have been working for the fifth year, and very happy with them. In the foreseeable future, we plan to conduct comparative tests of different types of UAVs working specifically in the interests of the Airborne Troops. I note that motivate us not only lightweight unmanned aircraft used for reconnaissance and artillery fire correction, but also the impact unmanned systems intimate acts and short range.

Also, taking into account the current concept of the introduction of airborne combat, I would say that we are very short of hang gliders with engines, prefabricated swimming means to overcome aqua-bottlenecking, compact ton for movement on the virgin snow, the same criteria in an indispensable off-road ATVs. Nothing in this list, with the impressive and high-quality production, the industry us how frustrating it did not sound, does not offer.
— Do you plan to buy for Airborne referred to as "equipment fighter of the future"? Is it about Russian production outfit, or it will zabugornye standards?

— Here we participate in a working group of general-purpose under the Chief of Land Forces. At present, part of the military equipment require further funds GLONASS — location accuracy or military armored vehicle on the battlefield until the missing. As the resolution of the optical device.

And yet confident that our industry will provide the army equipment, which will help meet the needs of the troops. Be able to consider me an optimist, but I expect that we will begin equipping Airborne promising battle Russian production outfit and a half — two years.
First, these funds will provide intelligence units, then referred to as the battalions of the first stage, designed for immediate operational use and maintenance of stand-alone operations.

— Will the Navy in the near future, new small gun? What are the requirements for it are bringing?

— Time does not stand still, and to replace the Kalashnikov assault rifle, which faithfully served us for more than half a century, have come new and improved standards that are doubly necessary for the discharge of airborne spetszadach. Requirements as a promising small arms are ordinary and are the same: the highest accuracy, accuracy, range, all-weather capability, and reliability.

— When the Navy to receive new supplies parachute D-12?

— "SRI parachute" in an active manner and on their funds developed this new parachute, giving him the title of "T
he leaf" — in the form of these parachutes are elongated, not round. Two 10-ka such parachutes are currently factory tests with the participation of representatives of the Navy. The results of fun, but the timing of serial deliveries to the troops, and even the beginning of the municipal trial read too early.

— And the final — more personal question. Despite the wounds and injuries sustained in a car accident in 2010, once a year you participate in the icy water in the hole. How do you feel, how do you evaluate your health plan to another jump?

— Now, thank God, is normal, and on the conclusion of honey commission is fit for service in the Armed Forces. Of course, we have to look at health, what often swim and in the gym. And while jumping to commit as yet there are some limitations to the end of the year, I hope they will be removed.

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