Shaw nationalists

The Nationalists have filed notice to the mayor of Moscow to hold cultural events "Russian march", reports "Interfax". November 4 organizers expect to take to the streets around 20 thousand man. The nationalists are planning to go on Leninsky Prospekt and Bolshaya Jakimanka of Yuri Gagarin's space to the Swamp area.

Necessary certainly solve nationalist organizations to hold their march in a day of public prazdnichka. We have so far experienced something about this, they say, a day on November 4, which has an official title, which no one remembers, informally referred to as the days are already firmly nationalist. Groaned and gasped as bad. And now let's not moan, and resolve these people go through the main streets and shout whatever they want.

Obviously not necessary allowing them to smash shop windows and burning cars, catch and beat Caucasians and Tajiks. To accompany the procession worthy of a cordon of police, meet deadlines and route. But the main thing they need to allow: to bring as many people as they zahochut and solve make demands. And I'll explain to you why this is necessary. This necessary to ensure that we all have seen in the beauty of the main danger to our country.

This threat is not Zionists, not American spies, not in guest workers, and not even in the corrupt. Now the main threat to the country — this is a vicious youth, malicious lumpen, malicious outsiders life. They hate all foreigners, and foreigners can not stand them. They would relish killed each other. And these people do not weave or thousand. Millions of them! And no one — power, nor the opposition do not understand it completely.

Power thinks that just cope with this discrepancy, she can flirt with these people, to control them, control them, guide them. In fact — not a damn thing does not hold the power under control. It can keep under control any organization or any individual favorites nationalists, but a nationalist movement completely unmanageable. It just did not understand myself a real powerful force. Bye.

The opposition is also not aware of this, considering that there are worse things. So to all, I think it will be very helpful to look at, when the streets of Moscow will come not 20 thousand, and even more brutal and evil men. Will be released free of coercion, not for time off, not for $ 100 and not under the order — as at rallies Kremlin youth, and come out as willing out. Neither the government nor the opposition at a good will not gather as many followers as simply gather nationalists. Let us resolve to do it and see what happens. Useful would be a spectacle. Sobering.

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