Shayetet 13, Israeli naval commandos

Dramatic military intervention of the Israeli army in the Sun, in the confrontation with the pro-Palestinian flotilla near Gaza, put on display a little-known connection — Shayetet 13.

Shayetet 13 — marine commando unit of the Israeli Navy. Shayetet simply means "fleet" and "13" (shaloh essre) — her number … You can meet the media introduction of the term Sayeret 13. This is a mistake, Sayeret means "patrol" is used exclusively in the army, but not in the Navy.

Shayetet located in Atlit, a small coastal town in the south of Haifa. Its premises are placed in front of the Crusader fortress built in the 13th century and belonged to the Knights Templar.

History of Israeli marine special forces begins even before the creation of Israel in 1948. Earlier there was special group, popular as Palaia, who perceived a specific role in the secret Jewish immigration.

This compound was generated in 1949, the 13th flotilla, under the command of Yohai Bin-Nun. Born in Haifa in 1921, the officer finished his career as Admiral of the Israeli Navy. After his own retirement in 1967, he made the Institute of Oceanography and Limnology.

Bin-Nun distinguished himself during "Operation Yoav", in October 1948, when his men killed the flagship of the Egyptian fleet, "Emir Farouk," in front of the Gaza Strip. They used an Italian torpedo-boats reception, packed with explosives, which were sent to the ship and the sailors with their jumping into the water! The strategy, developed by the Italian Decima Mas … and that the Israelis have worked on the Sea of Galilee.

Shayetet history — history of success (not always available to the public) bloody chess as it is all just beheld.

In June 1967, in time Six-Day War, six of them were captured during the operation lurking. A new failure in 1969, with 3 dead and the wounded dozens in a raid on a green peninsula on the Suez Canal. When that mission was complete, the Egyptian object is destroyed, the loss was recognized very highest. In the fleet then seriously renewed management.

In 1973, they are participating in the raid on Beirut, during which Palestinian leaders have been killed. In the middle of the participants of this operation was the current Minister of Defense Ehud Barak, then head of another special unit — Sayeret Matkal.

Lebanon and its banks then become a major field of their actions. 10's operations have been carried out since 1982. Shayetet learns the opposite direction, in September 1997, when 16 people trapped in a car bomb Hezbollah: 11 dead. In 2006, during the second war with Lebanon, a new raid in Tyre, now victorious. Group Hezbollah is destroyed — the one that recently sent rockets on the town of Hadera.

In time both intifada Shayetet busy as the other special forces in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in missions over insecure arrests.

Shayetet award should also be taking in 2002 in the Indian Ocean cargo ship «Karine A», which transported the weapons to the Palestinians, as well as the seizure of a container ship «MV Francop» in 2009.

As with the entire Israeli army, Shayetet enlists recruits military age who are 5 years instead of three. The selection takes place during the call, at age 18. After skimming — the future aviation pilots — volunteers are a special selection which allows them to become a candidate in one of three divisions: the Marines, Special Forces (Matkal and Shaldag) and the 13th Flotilla. Candidates for Shayetet chosen so that I might be more "power" in the Israeli army. Preparation continues 20 months. Service in the Commando Yami (Commandos Israeli Navy) is not a sinecure …

Shayetet, the number of which is hidden, is organized in three divisions: commando actions at sea (frogmen) and high-speed ships.

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