Shoigu compared the protests to the events of the 93rd

Head Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu expressed the fear that the protests could put the country on the brink of civilian war but supported the protesters for "respect for for themselves." Also expressed confidence that Putin is interested in honest elections and inevitably to overcome them.

"I encourage everyone who comes out of the case for requiring deference to himself," — said the minister during a press conference, commenting on opposition rallies. Together, he expressed fear about escalating the situation. "I am very worried and wary of extremist injection relationship … Do not let the chaos — it is the responsibility of smooth power. I'm quite sure that people do not want chaos, and I'm sure they will not admit it," — he singled out.

Shoigu recalled the events illumine 1993, when the country was on the brink of war due to the civilian conflict between President Boris Yeltsin and the Supreme Council that ended shooting white houses. "God forbid we do not get to the events that occurred then in September — October … I do not want to repeat, and I will do everything to prevent this from happening," — said head MOE.

Reminded one of the favorites of the "United Russian Federation" and the fact that last year in the middle of the materials placed the website WikiLeaks, featured discussions with a representative of Russian opposition the U.S. State Department. Namely, have Shoigu, Representatives of the opposition acknowledged that Putin could lose power only in the case of a large emergency.

The head of the Emergencies Ministry, by his own admission, care that it does not matter what kind of protest inevitably transformed into an anti-Putin. With all this, he stressed that conclusively supports today's prime minister, who during the presidency did not allow myself "no configurations in the Constitution."

In conclusion, Shoigu expressed confidence that Putin is interested in holding a bona fide presidential elections and inevitably overcome on their own. "Specifically, Putin said that the land should be put on the camera, he is specifically interested in the elections completely honest, that was the cleanliness of this victory" — recalled the minister. "I can not repeat what we had different heads, different times, there were times on the verge of war, civilian, trucks drove through the town, as in revolutionary Petrograd, because I'm pretty sure that most of the support of Vladimir Fishing season. In this there is no hesitation, no desire to repeat very chaotic, "- he added.

Recall, the combined opposition rallies that took place on December 10 on Bolotnaya Square on December 24 and Sakharov Avenue, came to 10's of thousands of people. The main demands of the protesters were canceling the results of the Duma elections and the resignation of Prime Minister Vladimir Fishing season.

After the rally on Sakharov Avenue spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, Prime Minister said that Fishing season As before most of the support. But assured that the world heard the protesters. We treat him with respect. "The people who took to the streets — the principal part of the society, but they are in the minority," — said Sands.

In turn, the assistant president Arkady Dvorkovich referred rallies "normal expression of civilian positions," and noted that more sympathetic to the audience at the demonstration, if those who stood before them.

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